IPO and S-1 Filing

Retain control and ensure safety throughout your IPO process with connected reporting. Our dedicated service team is ready to assist you with document creation, filing, printing, and distribution.
  • Reduce draft time, and ensure accuracy

    Avoid the back-and-forth, change fees, and late charges of financial printers. With Workiva, you always inspect the most up-to-date version for a faster, more precise review process.

    Streamlined S-1 filing

    Focus on presenting the value of your company as you prepare for your initial public offering. Reduce the amount of time spent administering changes, managing version control, editing narrative, and ticking and tying number changes. Have confidence that your numbers, tables, and graphs are consistent across the MD&A, IPO financials, and roadshow.

    Trust the experts

    Rely on the experienced Workiva Capital Markets Client Services team for 24/7 support during drafting, filing, printing, and distribution.

    Revision history with Wdesk
  • Control the IPO draft, review, and filing process

    Stay in complete control of your confidential Form S-1 filing, SEC comments, amendments, and additional IPO documentation.

    Controlled collaboration

    Collaborate with the entire working group, including attorneys, advisors, and bankers, in a secure cloud environment. Enable flexible control with role-based permissions and detailed project access. Increase visibility over authorship and content history, ensuring confidence in the final product.

    Statement of Operations
  • Reduce risks associated with the S-1 filing process

    Connecting data and reports helps to eliminate inconsistent numbers, version control issues, and formatting errors.

    Consistent, accurate content

    Connected numbers and text ensure that when a number or text is changed, all related files are updated automatically. Utilize style guides in the prospectus, so advisors can review and make recommendations instead of reformatting changes.

    Statment of Operations connected data
  • Leverage Workiva for SEC filings and SOX compliance

    Manage future compliance documentation within the same platform. Become SOX compliant, and connect risk and internal control information across the enterprise.

    Future compliance within a single platform

    Easily roll forward financial reporting documents while maintaining all links, so you never have to start from scratch again. Workiva supports multiple SEC/EDGAR reporting requirements, including more than 350 form types. Workiva also provides the leading solution for documentation, testing, and managing internal controls for SOX purposes.

    Export options within Wdesk

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  • I wouldn't use a traditional tool to manage the S-1 document. It's very important that all the data lives in one place where it can be comprehensively managed. Workiva made it easier to control.

  • I don't think you can do it without using a product like the Workiva platform.

  • Moving from traditional printers to Workiva was like going from typewriter to computer.

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