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Income Statements and Balance Sheets

Make lightning-quick work of monthly financial statements with connected data you can trust.

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All your financial data, all in one place

Bring in data from your trial balance and connect it directly to your income statements and balance sheets. 



Less risk, more reward(ing work)

Automate manual tasks like painful account mapping from multiple sources—focus on the parts of the job you actually enjoy.



One-click updates

Push a button and populate every report and presentation down the line with the latest numbers and narrative.



Data when you need it (not when they can “get around to it”)

Tired of asking for fresh data pulls or reminding coworkers to turn in their numbers? Connect from systems and offline sources with Workiva, and cut out the extra steps slowing you down. Prepare your financial statements using connected data and you have complete visibility into where it came from—and where else it’s used. Plus, simplified and standardized commentary collection provides any additional context you might need.




No surprises in the numbers

With everything riding on your income statements and balance sheets, you need to know they’re right—or you’ll hear about it. Workiva connects data from your general ledger, ERP, and other systems to live documents and presentations. That eliminates common causes of errors, such as copying and pasting across docs and passing around outdated versions. Shorten reviews, keep the team happy, and sleep easier at night. 


More time for analysis (and everything else)

Put accurate information in the hands of your coworkers faster than ever. With Workiva, everyone can work from the same set of data and it will always automatically update when you hit refresh. Instead of bottlenecks or restarts due to late journal entries, simply watch the new numbers flow throughout every connected document, spreadsheet, and presentation. Your FP&A team can work ahead with in-progress data by connecting directly to your financial statements.



Find out what else you can do with Workiva.

Truth and trust at scale. We deal with the complexity so your team doesn’t have to.

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