Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Connect people, processes, and data to reduce risk, increase control, and enable insight.

Establish a connected, transparent, and continuous GRC reporting process

Bring together disparate data to deliver the most timely risk and compliance reporting to your stakeholders. Workiva solutions enable you to connect data across outputs with complete control. You can shed light on risks with visibility into your entire GRC process, from early risk identification to final reports.
Workiva centralizes data from multiple systems, effectively connecting GRC reporting. Create and automate reports and dashboards with up-to-the-minute information. Work collaboratively with departments, lines of business, and locations around the globe.

Featured solutions

Internal Audit Management

Manage complex audit fieldwork and workpapers with unparalleled ease.

SOX Compliance

Create a repository for all risk and control information and documentation.

Enterprise Risk Management

Manage your entire ERM process from one central location.

Policy and Procedure Management

Build an efficient policy and procedure process.
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  • There are significant benefits to using the internal audit management solution from Workiva versus doing it through traditional workbooks and documents: workflows, PBC requests, being able to see where you stand. That's huge in terms of being able to do more with the same amount of resources that you have right now.

  • If you can save three or four days off your quarter-end or year-end close process, that’s time you get back with your kids. That’s making dinner with your family.

  • Managing accounting policies and procedures in the Workiva platform allows my team to work on more value-add projects, like restructuring policies to make them more user-friendly, which impacts stakeholders all over the bank—including the customers they serve

  • One of the benefits that I personally get with the tool is reporting. We’ve developed a handful of dashboards and tools that I can use to communicate to upper management as well as the audit committee and I don’t have to worry about the accuracy or if something was missed.

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