Financial Reporting

Improve speed and collaborate on your annual and quarterly financial reports.
Wdesk adds agility to your process with linked data.

  • Streamline the financial close process

    Create a single source of data truth that is live-linked to your financial statements, management reports, and executive presentations. Replace manual processes, and eliminate the security risk of desktop spreadsheets in your financial reporting processes. Have confidence in your numbers with trusted version control and a comprehensive audit trail.

    Financial Close Data

    Connect data across ERP systems and process owners, and link data to multiple reports

    Whether you are connecting data from one general ledger or multiple ERP systems, preconfigured Wdesk connectors enable the import of data from multiple accounting and financial systems. Automate the data collection process from departmental stakeholders with flexible templates.

    With Wdesk, live-linked data dynamically updates in multiple reports, tables, charts, and text.
  • Increase team efficiency, and improve accuracy

    Collaborate across teams to draft quarterly financial reports, board reports, and investor presentations—with no version control issues. A comprehensive audit trail details changes. Wdesk provides a repeatable framework that can easily be rolled forward, giving you time for more financial planning and analysis.

    Collaborative Financial Reporting

    Real-time collaboration

    Work with your teams in the same document, at the same time. Role-based permissions enable report owners to control who can access, view, and edit data and text.

    Track document status and changes with live indicators. Enable easy communication between business users, reducing decision and action time.
  • Connect numbers, narrative, tables, and charts

    Create and manage composite reports that combine text and numerical data. Create charts, tables, and source data from multiple enterprise systems and spreadsheets. Manage multiple authors, editors, and reviewers.

    Financial reporting supporting documentation

    Automate and optimize the reporting process

    Wdesk enables you to manage the collecting and collating of narratives, sourcing data, controlling structure and format, and managing multiple cycles of edits and approvals.

    Attach supporting documentation to specific values in your quarterly and annual reports, or request documentation from colleagues. Annotate and tie out financial statements and workpapers.
  • Review, comment, and publish

    Streamline the review process, and capture the history of changes, comments, and feedback securely within the Wdesk platform. Create highly formatted, book-quality financial reports and presentations for your financial forecasting and reporting.

    Financial data review and distribute

    Report production and delivery

    Easily create high-quality financial reports, board books, and presentations. Wdesk enables you to format reports the way you want—in spreadsheets, documents, and slides.

    Take Wdesk on the go with iPad®, iPhone®, and AndroidTM apps for review and commenting.

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  • The next thing we started using Wdesk for was our Annual Statement footnotes. Depending on which reporting cycle it is, we can go in, make quick updates, input our data, and instead of having to reformat everything, it’s all there for us—and it looks nice.

  • You don’t have to worry about merging or keeping the document up-to-date because when you open it, you know it’s current.

  • Wdesk gives me more time to focus on the substance of the reports.

  • I'll have 75 people in the document making comments from about 35 different departments, including our external auditors and attorneys. It's great not having to read everyone's handwriting. I'm able to make sure I can address all of the comments that are made and have a back-and-forth discussion on them.

  • We actually use Wdesk for documents that we don't even file—like a big memo that needs to be written—because you have the ability to let multiple people in the document at the same time. We actually set that up in Wdesk—we just print it out and sign off as opposed to filing it.

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