• Streamline analysis for better agility in the market.

    The internet is driving the evolution of business models as consumers are increasingly dictating product consumption and business loyalty. Wdesk provides a platform to streamline data collection and analysis, report development and review, and financial close. The time saved through process improvement allows analysts to spend more time developing strategic guidance to increase growth and profitability.

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Solution Spotlight

SEC Reporting

Wdesk enables you to streamline XBRL and EDGAR filing.

Enterprise Risk Management

Streamline your entire ERM process with Wdesk.

SOX Compliance

Create a repository for all risk and control information and documentation.

Financial Reporting

Transform your financial reporting and close processes with Wdesk.
  • We chose Wdesk because we liked the ease of use, the cloud environment, and the price point was favorable compared to the competitors'.

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