Energy and Utilities

Connected reporting enables data accuracy and regulatory reporting efficiency in a single cloud platform.

  • Streamline your regulatory reporting

    Workiva provides connected reporting solutions that improve data accuracy for energy and utilities companies across state commission filings, utility ratemaking documents, SEC filings, financial and performance reports, and SOX documentation.

    Workiva Energy Utilities

    Confidence in data integrity

    Collect and prepare data from spreadsheets, systems, and additional sources using flexible connectivity options. Connect and flow data into tables, charts, graphs, and narrative across presentations and reports.

    Achieve consistency in testimony, data response messaging, and key financial figures. Deliver reliable information to regulators, the SEC, auditors, investors, lenders, and internal stakeholders.

  • Connect teams and data

    Eliminate version control issues from your filings, testimonies, and presentations. Leverage trusted information to utility board members, lenders, and investors.

    collaboration in energy and utilities

    Built for the way you work

    Bring legal, accounting, finance, regulatory, and rate teams together with subject matter experts and consultants. Everyone sees the most up-to-date numbers and narrative throughout the review and approval process.

    Teams use a secure, shared workspace to ensure information is accurate, consistent, and easy to trace. Collaborate to meet the requirements for rate cases, joint applications, limited issue riders, and integrated resource plans.

  • Add value to your regulatory reporting process

    Increase time for analysis, enhance utility management, and meet regulatory filing deadlines by reducing manual processes. Automate formatting, consolidate review comments, and control permissions.

    flexible platform for energy and utilities

    Flexibility to fit your needs

    Enable teams to manage financial reporting for multiple lines of business and entities, document utility rate case arguments, and combine numbers and narrative with Workiva cloud solutions.

    Track reviews, revisions, and comments across teams. Link data across standardized disclosures and footnotes to capture updates throughout thousands of pages. Attach documents to the numbers they support. Automate tasks according to your unique workflow.

  • Build a stronger utility rate case

    Control complex rate case processes from start to finish, in a single cloud platform.

    maintain consistent data across multiple instances

    Gain efficiency

    Manage evidence, create reports, collaborate on testimony documents, and administer data requests. Roll forward your existing rate case as new requests come in. Leverage templates and customizable style guides to create a consistent look and feel to your documents.

    Maintain accurate data across multiple instances in testimony, exhibits, letters, and notices. Real-time dashboards help you track progress toward deadlines.

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