From Assessments to Assurance

Optimize SOX, internal controls, audit, and risk management
  • SOX Compliance

    SOX process automation from start to finish

    Reduce risk, take control, and increase efficiency. Use Wdesk to improve oversight and create a central SOX compliance repository where documentation instantly updates as changes are made.

    Simplify testing in a single, connected environment. Automate workflow and random sampling, and use drag-and-drop annotations. Track requests, responses, and approvals in a real-time dashboard.

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    SOX Compliance Process

    Certifications, documentation, and evidence

    Create a repeatable process tailored to your workflow with built-in templates and reminders. Personalize views to validate controls and sign letters.

    Send evidence requests to control or process owners, and attach samples directly to testing sheets. Leverage reporting and analytics that anyone can create and use. Review and annotate evidence, and store marked-up samples in one secure location. Export workpapers to a single .zip file for external auditor review.

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    SOX certifications documenation and evidence
  • Audit Management

    Drive efficiency in internal audit

    Simplify the internal audit processes, and enhance collaboration with a modern cloud platform. Wdesk supports risk assessment, planning, workpapers, reporting, and issue tracking.

    The platform enables teams to facilitate collaboration between internal audit and business owners. Identify, analyze, and monitor risks. Connect risk assessments, audit plans, fieldwork, and reporting. Link relevant data from risk assessments to standard audit program guides for decision-making in real time.

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    Internal audit mangement efficiency

    Take the work out of workpapers

    A document-centric process requires a collaborative platform that is optimized to work with all types of documentation. Wdesk powers workbooks, presentations, documents, dashboards, and other familiar content types.

    Whether in small teams or enterprisewide initiatives, connect your teams with powerful collaboration. Manage audit programs so that each user accesses as much or as little information as necessary.

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    Audit workpapers
  • Risk Management

    Take an integrated approach to risk management

    SOX, audit, and risk teams use Wdesk to collaborate and share risk and control frameworks, testing, risk assessment, and compliance documentation.

    The collaborative work management functionality allows you to easily create, modify, and connect risk and control information across your risk and compliance teams. Centralize dashboards and reporting, and trust that the numbers and narrative are automatically updated without manual work.

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    Risk framework

    Enterprise risk management for the enterprise

    Elevate your ERM program to drive strategic value, competitive advantage, and top-line growth. Wdesk optimizes the risk assessment process, delivers visibility to risk data, and improves accountability and control.

    With Wdesk, you can simplify the tracking and managing of assessment feedback in real time and improve coordination with risk owners across the enterprise in an easy-to-use, collaborative platform.

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    Risk dashboard heatmap
  • Regulatory Compliance

    Banking: risk reporting and resolution plans

    Seven out of eight U.S. GSIB holding companies and over 70% of U.S. federally mandated CCAR banks use Wdesk for regulatory reporting.

    Report collaboration, data linking, version control, and automatic audit trails ensure accuracy and give you the ability to publish the most complex risk reports and resolution plans.

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    Regulatory compliance for banks

    Insurance: risk and statutory reporting

    Wdesk enables insurance companies to work smart—from product filings to statutory reporting footnotes. The platform solves some of the most complex compliance requirements, including: Model Audit Rule (MAR), ORSA, Solvency II, NAIC reporting, and other regulatory disclosures.

    Wdesk streamlines your compliance management activities by combining data, workbooks, presentations, and dashboards in a single cloud platform.

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    Regulatory compliance for insurance

The Intelligent Approach to Integrated Risk

  • Our internal audit team is more valuable if it can do work outside of SOX. Not only is it more enriching for those doing the work, but overall, it's a benefit to the entire organization.

  • We’ve seen a big improvement in collaboration with our external auditors. They can now see our changes and have greater confidence in our controls because everything is linked.

  • Wdesk gives our management team the comfort and transparency that their internal controls are in place, tested, and no material weaknesses are present for sign-off.

  • We were able to set up a risk control matrix in Wdesk, so each control owner was clear about the control and the risk associated with that control. We’re a lot more efficient. It looks better, it gives us a better process and it’s a lot easier to visualize what we're doing because it’s there in front of you.

  • The data transparency provided by Wdesk enables my team to more efficiently and accurately complete reporting and better support Upland's stakeholders.

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