Board Reporting

Wdesk provides a cloud reporting platform that makes creation, distribution, and consumption of board books and reports easy for both you and the board.

  • Be Confident in Your Data

    Developing board books and presentations with cross-departmental contributors, multiple data types, and a variety of outputs is time-intensive without the right board reporting software. Efficiency-driven organizations are choosing Wdesk to support their reporting cycle, cutting significant time from their processes.

    Simplify data aggregation

    Simplify data aggregation

    Connect data from existing systems directly into Wdesk. Easily combine multiple data types—charts, graphs, tables, and narrative—within a single active document or presentation.

    With Wdesk, you ensure that the data listed in reports is always up to date. As changes are made, connected data and text automatically update, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

  • Collaborate Across Teams

    Multiple departments, including Legal, Audit, Accounting, FP&A, and Tax, can work simultaneously on development of the data and textual commentary for management reporting, financial reporting, and board books.

    cloud collaboration

    Cloud collaboration

    Version control is no longer an issue with Wdesk, as all users work on the same active document. Role-based permissioning restricts editing and viewing to only authorized data and content, reducing the risk of sharing outside the team.

    Last minute changes and redlines can easily be incorporated, and all edits are tracked with a complete audit trail.

  • Board Books On Demand

    Provide your Board of Directors with fast and secure access to digital meeting materials. Distribute, view, and comment on books from your computer or tablet, whether on or offline.

    Trusted security

    Trusted security

    Focused on the security of our customers’ sensitive data, the Wdesk platform is architected with rigorous safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to customer data.

    Streamlined communications

    Submit board materials, and users can review and annotate documents even when they are offline. Comments and notifications are housed within the platform, making it a comprehensive system for board collaboration.

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  • I like the functionality of Wdesk for Board Reporting and how we can include different kinds of information like PDFs and presentations.

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