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Board Report Creation

Be the hero in the boardroom with accurate data that tells a complete company story.

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Accurate and accountable

All eyes are on you. Deliver a true picture of your financial health, and win the board’s confidence with connected data and increased controls that create reliable numbers and narrative.



Always up to date

Things change fast. Keep up with every new metric. Refresh data with one click, even seconds before the big board presentation.



Insights from across the org

Big decisions require the big picture. Bring accounting, finance, and operational data together quickly to present a holistic view to the board of directors.



End the frustration, start the creation

Board reports traditionally boil down to copious amounts of copy and paste from multiple contributors. No longer. The Workiva reporting platform connects data and analysis across your organization directly to your board reports, so you can create error-free decks in record time. 

Have sensitive info someone shouldn’t see during the process? Don’t worry—you can restrict access to individual sheets, slides, and pages to keep data confidential.





Combine insights that make an impact

You can connect data from anywhere in the organization to the Workiva platform, thanks to APIs and pre-built connectors. Present your recommendations to the board backed by dynamic charts, graphs, and tables that update in real time. Plus, dig into any number for transparency into where it came from and when it changed. When the board has questions, you’ll have answers.



Focus on the story you want to tell

Showcase your company’s performance using financial, operational, and any other data that your board depends on, without having to sort through emails and desktop spreadsheets. Turn that time you save into analysis and strategy instead.



Find out what else you can do with Workiva.

Truth and trust at scale. We deal with the complexity so your team doesn’t have to.

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