Wdesk provides a reliable framework for optimizing regulatory documentation so professionals can focus on document analysis and quality.
  • Reporting optimized

    Banks face complex reporting processes with unique challenges that include SEC reporting teams, SOX documentation, ERM, and regulatory reporting. Wdesk helps your team work smart with one platform that meets all of your needs.

    Dodd-Frank, SEC, SOX

    Technology to transform organizational reporting.

    Wdesk was built from the ground up by finance and reporting professionals to eliminate solution silos. All your complex reporting can now be optimized on one platform.
  • Mobile, collaborative, and accessible

    Multiple people on multiple teams need to contribute simultaneously to meet stringent requirements. In Wdesk, all users have access to the same documents and data. True collaboration is possible—reviews can be done in real time. No more version control issues, accessibility obstacles, or outdated data.

    Collaboration in real-time

    Industry recognition

    Seven out of eight U.S. GSIB holding companies and over 70% of U.S. federally mandated CCAR banks use Wdesk.

    See how Wdesk adds efficiency and accuracy to RRP reporting.
  • Build processes that stand the test of time.

    Reporting processes can be built to roll forward without rework. Refresh qualitative and quantitative data in a centralized source each cycle, which will then update thousands of related data points. Maintain the integrity of the report with controls and a clear audit trail.

    The Changing Face of Data

    Focus on what's important.

    Wdesk is the platform for all of your company's reporting. Maintain control while still moving at the speed of business. Choose software that will keep up with you and give you valuable ROI.
  • Streamline your banking reporting processes.

    Gain efficiency by eliminating error-prone manual tasks and access issues. Report collaboration, data linking, version control, and automatic audit trails ensure accuracy and gives you the ability to create a repeatable, sustainable process.

    The power of productivity

    The power of productivity

    Modern reporting teams need modern reporting technology. Wdesk allows global teams to work together on any complex report or documentation process.

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Solution Spotlight

Regulatory Reporting

Transform your regulatory reporting and focus on value-added projects.


See how Wdesk gives you the control of your CCAR and DFAST processes.


Save time on reports like MAR, NAIC, statutory reporting, and ORSA.

Enterprise Risk Management

Streamline your entire ERM process with Wdesk.
  • Before Wdesk we were using Word® and Excel® and merging PDFs. It was a mess. When Wdesk came in it was just all in one spot and all in one document. It’s made my life incredibly better, beyond words.

  • I love how we have all our data in our workbook. You just cut and paste, and you’re done. It saved us so much time.

  • We used to run our DFAST process entirely in Word® and Excel®. We needed to eliminate the unnecessary manual process we had before, and only Wdesk could do that for us.

See Wdesk in action with a personalized demonstration.