Audit Management

Manage audit plans, risk assessments, fieldwork, and testing. Spend more time evaluating workpapers and audit results and less time coordinating documents.

  • Audit Risk
  • Audit Scoping and Planning
  • Modernize Internal Audit Fieldwork
  • Audit Conclusion and Reporting
  • Streamline your audit risk assessments for timely insight.

    Simplify audit management. Increase transparency, aggregate risk assessment data, and improve collaboration between teams. Accelerate feedback processes and better mitigate operational and enterprise risks.

    Streamline audit risk

    Optimize audit team productivity. Conduct more audits.

    Easily distribute surveys and automate the aggregation of audit information. Facilitate collaboration between internal audit and business owners. Identify, analyze, and monitor risks continuously with audit analytics.
  • Efficiently integrate risk and audit information.

    Integrate risk assessments, audit plans, fieldwork, and reporting. Link relevant data to standard internal audit reports for real-time decision-making. Easily map observations and findings to policy, control, and regulatory documents. Wdesk audit software system simplifies your process.

    Integrate scoping and planning

    Develop risk-based audit plans.

    Link rating and prioritization data to audit risk assessments to identify what's in scope. Use dashboards to see how many and which internal audits will be performed each year.
  • Simplify evidence collection, fieldwork, and testing.

    Streamline the collection and management of data requests through evidence management. Increase efficiency by facilitating the entire fieldwork and testing process on a single, secure cloud-based solution.

    Modernize internal audit fieldwork

    Improve workpaper management.

    Create, annotate, and review internal audit workpapers with optimal productivity. Collaborate with the entire audit team across different locations. Access fieldwork data anytime, anywhere in real time.
  • Simplify your internal audit reporting.

    Showcase the status of testing, audit issue tracking, and remediation with real-time dashboards and reports for management and stakeholders. Have confidence in your data accuracy when reporting audit observations and GRC findings.

    Simplify internal audit reporting

    Tailor audit reports based on audience.

    Ensure consistent messaging of your audit reports. Aggregate audit findings for your audit committee, or drill down into the details for senior management.
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  • I knew outside consultants and external audit would be able to use Wdesk with minimal upfront training—just a quick 30-minute review of the functionality would be sufficient.
  • Making updates to documentation in Wdesk is so easy for our external consultants that we have saved time and money by decreasing the consulting hours spent on SOX.
  • By using Wdesk, we cut two weeks from our previous process, which was reliant on back-and-forth emails to collect and track input.
  • Wdesk helps Republic Airways minimize our external audit fees by helping our auditors be more productive and efficient.

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