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Flexible data management

Combine data from your ERP, operational, and desktop software. Create and connect content to deliver insights, and tell the story behind the numbers.

Wdesk Features Flexible Data Management

Data Consistency

Wdesk is your single source of truth. Across the enterprise, teams can rely on our cloud platform as the place to get final answers. Connect and reuse data and narrative throughout your organization.

Wdesk Data Consistency

Version Control

Your team is always on the same page. Manage your documents and data with less effort and more accuracy. Teams work on the same version of documents and data in Wdesk.

Wdesk Version Control


Work better together. Assign and respond to tasks in your data, documents, and reports. Create approvals, reviews, requests for documentation, or other tasks specific to your process.

Wdesk Features Tasking

History and Audit Trail

Ensure consistency and accuracy in every step of your business process. In Wdesk, every change leaves a digital record. Grant powerful review capabilities directly to your reviewers and auditors.

Wdesk History and Audit Traill


Create intelligent process. Improve productivity through configurable step-by-step workflow for team members and approvers.

Wdesk Features Workflow

People and groups

Let everyone in on it. Empower your entire organisation to improve productivity and make faster decisions. Secure spaces for teams and groups allow you to establish control and peace of mind.

Wdesk Features People and Groups

Content collaboration

Get work done faster. Create and manage content with your team in a single cloud platform. No matter where you and your colleagues are, your teams can work on the same project at the same time.

Wdesk Features Content Collaboration

Permissions and security

Trusted by the world’s most sophisticated organisations, Wdesk provides rigorous safeguards and the highest level of security. Manage access and control at all levels—teams, contributors, or even an individual data point.

Wdesk Features Permissions and Security

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