Connected Data for Reporting

Connect your data, and gain powerful new reporting abilities.

Connect your existing work directly to source systems. Automate updates. Visualise trends. Deliver data-rich reports and presentations with total data assurance.

Apply connected data to your reporting

Connected and accessible data

Basic or advanced options in the report builder enable you to easily transform data and generate different views to deliver insight. Take advantage of data aggregation capabilities, and securely share and collaborate with accounting and finance team members, management, and other enterprise stakeholders.

connected data - connected and accessible data

Fully connected reporting

Connect to prepared data, and instantly update financial and operational reports—including trial balances, business unit and product line reporting, budget and forecasting, and SEC filings. Easily roll forward frequently used reports and data, and perform ad hoc analysis.

Combine numbers and narrative to add context and ensure financial data quality. Use real-time data to generate live, embedded charts and graphs in presentations and reports. Linked commentary and variance analysis provides faster insight in an automated and auditable way.

connected data - fully connected reporting

Your source of truth

Stop relying on desktop databases, fragile spreadsheets, and manual work. Version control, granular permissions, and a full audit trail are built in. Gain complete trust in your data, from source system all the way to final connected reports.

connected data - your source of truth

Solution Spotlight

Financial Reporting

Transform your financial reporting and close processes with Wdesk.


Learn how you can effectively manage data, financial reporting, disclosures, policies and internal controls.

Performance Reporting

Combine numbers and narrative, tables and charts to create presentation-quality reports.

Statutory Reporting

Streamline and simplify your statutory process.
  • Now, we have time to actually look at the data rather than continue to fight with our system.

  • The fundamental problem that Workiva seeks to solve is availability of data in the right place at the right time.

  • Having peace of mind in terms of the accuracy of the data is extremely powerful.

  • If you're able to spend less time mining data and more time analyzing, there's more value in the work that you're doing.

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