Connected Data for IT

Retain data control and governance while giving users access to the data they need.

Automate the workflow of data pulls, refreshes and approvals.

Provide accessibility without sacrificing security.

Maintain data control and governance

Enable teamwork

You are challenged with building systems that provide the most value for the organisation. Build a better connection between your systems and your users. Workiva enables your analytics teams to access the data they need without losing the level of control and governance required by IT.

connected data - enable teamwork

Trust your data is secure

Get the security, scalability and reliability you need. Scale the creation of insights, and give teams autonomy without sacrificing control.

Data is only valuable if you can ensure it can be trusted. Keep information secure and controlled all the way from source system to final report by using Workiva for connected data.

connected data - trust data integrity

Make your existing systems more valuable

You’ve made significant investments in your data—for good reason. Workiva helps you get the most out of that investment by connecting directly to your existing systems and allowing business users to gain access to what they need, without increasing the workload for IT.

connected data - make existing systems more valuable

Solution Spotlight

Financial Reporting

Transform your financial reporting and close processes with Wdesk.


Learn how you can effectively manage data, financial reporting, disclosures, policies and internal controls.

Performance Reporting

Combine numbers and narrative, tables and charts to create presentation-quality reports.

Statutory Reporting

Streamline and simplify your statutory process.
  • Now, we have time to actually look at the data rather than continue to fight with our system.

  • The fundamental problem that Workiva seeks to solve is availability of data in the right place at the right time.

  • Having peace of mind in terms of the accuracy of the data is extremely powerful.

  • If you're able to spend less time mining data and more time analyzing, there's more value in the work that you're doing.

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