Statutory Reporting

Centralise and connect your financial and nonfinancial statutory documents and reports in a single, secure cloud platform.

  • Local control, global oversight

    The narrative aggregation and report assembly process for statutory reports is time-consuming, complex and costly. Errors in numbers, inconsistency in disclosures and time wasted on document management yield a significant risk to your business.

    Accelerate the statutory reporting process

    Workiva provides a platform that drives collaboration and improves efficiency across globally disparate entities. Enable collaboration and deliver trust in your information, reports, and filings.

    Create a multilingual single-source library to centralise narratives, including corporate governance and financial information, enabling consistency.

    Improve content consistency throughout the accounts preparation process with workflow, tasking and built-in controls. With connected data, numbers and narrative are always up to date throughout financial statements and reports.

    Control and Oversight
  • Control beyond rigid templates

    A single cloud environment tracks and aggregates critical financial and nonfinancial information, enabling teams to focus on accounting and tax requirements rather than managing manual updates.

    Improve efficiency and transparency

    Leverage flexible templates for reporting that can be easily tailored to suit your organisation’s specific global reporting needs. Rapidly aggregate and centralise data from disparate ERP and consolidations systems or ad hoc data sources.

    Provide tailored cross-border and multi-team access to a scalable platform that can easily adapt to changes and auditor recommendations. Maintain corporate standards for consistency of policies and other narrative to ensure accuracy across entities and reports.

    Gain full visibility over the entire global statutory reporting process, including an audit trail of adjustments or changes to trial balance data at each entity. Complete control over your document assembly process reduces regulatory and audit risk.

    Control over Statutory Reports
  • A single, connected reporting process

    Traditional word processing and office software create inherent security, audit and data integrity risks for statutory reports. Workiva connected reporting ensures consistency and provides transparency into the tracking and review process with internal and external stakeholders.

    Complete visibility into review and sign-off

    Streamline the process for internal management review, internal and external audit, director and secretary sign-off, and other stakeholders.

    Access real-time status dashboards to monitor entity progress toward final statutory reports. Personalise views for managers to track and monitor approvals.

    Ensure process compliance with robust revision history and blacklines. Record keeping is transparent and accurate with the ability to attach support documents, comment and issue approvals within the platform, resulting in smooth audits.

    Statutory Accounts Dashboard
  • Overcome global compliance challenges

    Workiva provides an cloud platform that can be quickly adopted, streamlining statutory reporting processes across regional regulations and local jurisdictions.

    Support to meet your needs

    The quality of your global statutory reporting data is critical, as is selecting the right technology provider. Workiva offers a comprehensive platform to solve one of the largest problems facing multinational organisations today—exposure to risk resulting from disconnected and manual processes.

    Workiva provides connected solutions and a team of global experts to help your organisation increase productivity and improve data accuracy. Trust the global leader in XBRL® and Inline XBRL® (iXBRL) filings to help meet specific reporting requirements or mandates by jurisdiction.

    XBRL®, Inline XBRL®, and iXBRL® are trademarks of XBRL International, Inc. All rights reserved. The XBRL™/® standards are open and freely licensed by way of the XBRL International License Agreement.

    Global compliance

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