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SEC Reporting

The obvious choice for SEC reporting.

By instilling confidence, reclaiming control, modernizing your process, and making your reporting cycles easier in one central platform, Workiva is a no-brainer.

Why do 8 out of 10 top banks and a majority of the world’s biggest companies rely on Workiva for their SEC filings? Because they know we improve data accuracy and increase productivity. We’re the company that helps you simplify 10-Qs, 10-Ks, 8-Ks, Section 16, proxy statements, tax disclosures, and 350 other types of SEC forms with a single cloud solution.

When businesses need ‘34 Act filing services they can count on, they look to Workiva. When they want fast, accurate, and reliable XBRL® tagging, they find us. When they need to complete 20-Fs but have 20 questions, they get Workiva. All because they want to have strategy sessions, not data debates. That’s what connected reporting can do.

The simple solution to complex work.

Trust the data.

Connected data brings all your information in one place reliably, letting you keep up with changing business conditions. Updates happen across documents instantly.

Improve the process.

Collect, organize, and manage data automatically with built-in EDGAR and XBRL services to create, tag, validate, and file reports.

See results.

Simplify all your filings with Workiva, not just your Qs and Ks. Proxy statements, tax disclosures, 8-Ks, and more are just a template away.


More ways to get the most from our platform.

Tap into our partner network.

Yep, the technology is pretty amazing. But there’s a whole family of resources here to tailor for your specific needs.

Truth and trust at scale. We deal with the complexity so your team doesn’t have to.

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