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Manage operational risk—on your terms.

Stay ahead of operating loss with the perfect balance of control and flexibility over operational risk.

Thousands of organizations are transforming the way they work.

Operational risks have nowhere to hide.

Workiva's operational risk management solution helps you identify, monitor, and manage your operational risk appetite with a singular view into risk from across the organization. Shed light on business-impacting operational risks that could lead to loss events before they happen, thanks to a modern platform that is easy to use and ready to scale. Finally, get the central view of real-time operational risk you've been looking for.

Get one lens into risk

Evaluate, score, assign, and collaborate on operational risks with a singular view. Access what you need instantly via multiple system integrations and interactive risk views.

Gather operational risk data from anywhere

Powerful integrations with source systems mean you get real-time updates any time, anywhere risk data is captured—from the warehouse floor to back office.

Pivot to risks in real-time

Tailor the Workiva platform to your unique operational risk management needs with purpose-built features like risk assessment, control testing, KRI management, event loss capture, and real time links into policy documents.

Engage the business

Enable risk-based decision-making. Reinforce your operational risk management strategy with easy-to-build risk trackers, full data history for auditability, unlimited license model, and dedicated support.