From Assessments to Assurance

Optimise SOX, internal controls, audit and risk management
  • Regulatory compliance

    Banking: Risk reporting and resolution plans

    Some of the largest GSIB holding companies use Wdesk for their reporting, including the creation and maintenance of RRP initiatives.

    Resolution packs require the maintenance of accurate links to agreements, records and identifying documents. Wdesk brings report collaboration, data linking, version control and automatic audit trails to ensure accuracy and give you the ability to immediately access plans.

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    Banking: Risk Reporting and Resolution Plans


    Wdesk enables organisations to trust the integrity of their data with a single source of qualitative and quantitative information. The platform enables data and narrative to be connected across ORSA, SFCR and RSR documents.

    Combining data, workbooks, presentations and dashboards in a single cloud platform, Wdesk enables teams to be confident in the outputs of their complex documentation and reporting processes.

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    Insurance: Solvency II
  • Internal controls

    Corporate governance

    Regardless of your mandates—ICFR or broader regulatory requirements—corporate governance requires a discipline around internal controls. Use Wdesk to improve oversight and create a central repository where documentation instantly updates as changes are made.

    Simplify testing in a single connected environment. Automate workflow and random sampling, and use drag-and-drop annotations. Track requests, responses and approvals in a real-time dashboard.

    Corporate Governance

    Certifications, documentation and evidence

    Create a repeatable process tailored to your workflow with built-in templates and reminders. Personalise views to validate controls and sign letters.

    Send evidence requests to control or process owners, and attach samples directly to testing sheets. Leverage reporting and analytics that anyone can create and use. Review and annotate evidence, and store marked-up samples in one secure location. Export workpapers to a single .zip file for auditor review.

    Certifications, Documentation and Evidence
  • Risk management

    An integrated approach to risk management

    Empower your risk teams to use the latest technology. Wdesk allows you to collaborate and share risk and control frameworks, testing, risk assessment and compliance documentation.

    The collaborative work management functionality allows you to easily create, modify and connect risk and control information across your risk and compliance teams. Centralise dashboards and reporting, and trust that the numbers and narrative are automatically updated without manual work.

    An Integrated Approach to Risk Management

    Enterprise risk management for the enterprise

    Elevate your ERM program to be a drive strategic value, competitive advantage and top-line growth. Wdesk optimises the risk assessment process, delivers visibility to risk data and improves accountability and control.

    With Wdesk you can simplify the tracking and managing of assessment feedback in real time and improve coordination with risk owners across the enterprise in an easy-to-use, collaborative platform.

    Enterprise Risk Management for the Enterprise

Chartis Recognizes Workiva as a Category Leader for Model Risk Governance

  • With Wdesk, I spend less time gathering information and more time evaluating deficiencies or looking at test plans.

  • The biggest advantage of Wdesk is time management. Our organisation promotes a good work-life balance, and with Wdesk I can manage people and monitor testing work from wherever I am.

  • Wdesk has paid for itself and then some by replacing outsourcing without adding internal headcount.

  • The audit trail features and attestation capabilities are a big part of our process in Wdesk. That was a huge selling point.

  • Wdesk gives our management team the comfort and transparency that their internal controls are in place, tested and no material weaknesses are present for sign-off.

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