Capital Market Transactions

Optimise your results in IPO, M&A, and debt and equity deals. Wdesk enables consistent and accurate content and a faster review process—backed with 24/7 service during drafting, filing, printing and distribution.

  • Control the transaction from start to finish

    Wdesk provides flexible control over workflow, project access and role-based permissions with increased visibility over authorship and content history.

    Capital Market transaction workbook

    Control where it counts

    Leverage version control and blackline comparisons, so you can be confident in your content. Restrict permissioning by role, and employ a full history and audit trail of changes. Manage documentation for multiple capital market deal needs, including:

    • SEC forms S-1, S-3, S-4 and S-11
    • Equity and debt offerings
    • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Fast and precise

    Wdesk reduces the time to draft documents and streamlines the review process, so you can always inspect the most up-to-date version. Support faster turnaround on transactional reporting with increased data accuracy.

    Spreadsheet for Capital Markets

    Manage working groups and projects

    Automate repetitive tasks by linking numbers and text across all documents. Assign and respond to tasks within documents and reports. Enable process automation and control over data, allowing faster stakeholder review, commentary and sign-off. Create secure spaces for working groups to enhance communication, transparency and accountability.

  • Manage risk, optimise accuracy

    Use Wdesk to eliminate risk with consistent, repeatable content. There is no need to worry about inconsistent numbers, version control issues, access restrictions or formatting.

    single data source for your transaction filings

    Govern the process your way

    Leverage a single data source to improve accuracy. Style guides maintain consistency while tasking, workflow and certification sign-offs support process integrity. Collaborate with confidence by creating secure spaces for working groups to enhance communication, transparency and accountability.

  • Support when you need it

    Designed specifically for capital market transactions, our service model provides dedicated, experienced support professionals available to support your needs—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Capital Market transaction workbook

    Service from initial filing through printing

    Our capital markets services team is available to assist throughout the entire deal, including:

    • Best practices for project and document workflow
    • Guidance on document setup and style management
    • On-site training and support
    • Printing services

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