Workiva Security

Workiva utilises numerous measures to ensure the utmost in data security and privacy.

Maximise security and privacy

  • Encryption in transmission and at rest
  • Advanced permissions and data authorisation
  • Redundant data centers and rigorous failover processes
  • SSO with SAML and two-factor authentication
  • SCIM provisioning compatibility

Committed to compliance

We take security seriously at Workiva and are committed to exceeding the industry standards to protect your data. Our applications are designed and developed with careful consideration given to customer data security, reliability and integrity. Customer data is stored in secure facilities, on secure servers and within secure applications, and confidential information is kept private. Our policies and procedures ensure security across the organisation and within our operations. More than 3,300 organisations, including more than 75% of the Fortune 500, have chosen to trust us with their most important and confidential data.

Organisational and operational security

Data security and privacy

Workiva adheres to all rules and best practices for Global Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) requirements for the collection, management and protection of personal data. Workiva also conducts privacy impact assessments (PIAs) on features, technology, third-party on-boarding and operations related to our service as required by GDPR.

Identity and access management

Provide easy access to the platform without compromising security via SSO with SAML and two-factor authentication. Control identity using enterprise identity management, including Okta. Employ role-based access to features, content and workspaces. Utilise specific roles for IT admins to manage cross-organization and workspace settings.

Global compliance standards

Workiva operations, policies and procedures are audited regularly to ensure that they meet and exceed all standards expected of cloud service providers (CSPs). Workiva publishes a Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 Type II and a SOC 2 Type II audit report, which are available for review upon request.

  • It is all in the cloud, and from our IT perspective, this is a very secure way for us to proceed.

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