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Automate Audit Tasks with Self-Driving Work

Self-driving work

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Self-driving work helps solve the unnecessarily complex and outdated processes that prevent audit teams from working at full efficiency. Tedious, time-consuming tasks like copying and pasting data, updating status reports, and tracking down information can be eliminated through audit automation. Instead of wasting time on manual and mundane tasks that have a high risk of human error, audit teams can focus on high-value, strategic work.

Signs you might be ready to automate audit with self-driving work

You’re manually updating status reports

Manually updating status reports in a spreadsheet can be a massive time waster, leaving less time to actively monitor issues and stay ahead of risk. With automated auditing through self-driving work, you can connect data like test status and it will seamlessly update in your reports and dashboards, improving accuracy and providing instant visibility to key stakeholders.

You’re heavily relying on desktop tools and shared drives

Do you have difficulty finding the current document or spend time manually updating and reconciling data with every change? By automating audit processes with self-driving work, data changes automatically update in real time everywhere it’s linked. You’re also able to work concurrently in a document with other collaborators to avoid duplicate work.

You’re collaborating via back-and-forth emails

Does collaborating with stakeholders on audit projects turn into a vicious, never-ending email cycle? Collecting evidence and data, gathering input, and managing versions via back-and-forth emails is not only a hassle, but it also increases the risk of lost or outdated information. By enabling internal audit automation through self-driving work, your colleagues will receive reminders and can comment and upload evidence directly in your documents.

Automate audit tasks and processes so you can prioritize what matters most

Reclaim your time

Spend more time on value-added work like analysis and proactively managing risk, and less time wrangling data, building reports, and chasing updates. You can focus on being the strategic advisor your business needs.

Standardize processes

With self-driving work, you can standardize processes and monitor a range of audit issues through dashboards and tools. Build automated audit workflows that improve efficiency across evidence requests, certifications, and more.

Trust your data

Self-driving work means fewer hands on critical data, translating to less chance of error. By connecting directly to your sources, you can be confident knowing that data changes automatically update across audit reports, risk and control matrices, test forms, and more.

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