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Cimpress + Workiva

How Cimpress Streamlined Internal Controls Management Globally

Disconnected Challenges

  • Disparate desktop tools and systems to share data and information
  • Lack of visibility across internal controls processes
  • Multiple documents and versions to manage

Connected Results

  • Single, centralized location to enable global collaboration across teams
  • Real-time view into risk data and progress with customized dashboards
  • A complete audit trail of operational, risk, and financial data and documentation

Why They Chose Workiva

Working across a global team for internal controls and SEC reporting poses multiple challenges. Cimpress selected the Workiva platform to streamline collaboration globally and increase transparency in a single, secure platform.
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Workiva Solutions

  • Internal Controls Management

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With multiple large businesses like VistaPrint and teams spread across the world, keeping track of data and documents for internal controls processes and SEC reporting was a challenge. With several desktop tools and systems, multiple versions of documents, and lack of visibility into progress, the Cimpress team needed a centralized cloud solution to streamline processes.

Having a global team can be challenging. With the Workiva platform, we all have one centralized platform to use. We can streamline everything for our process owners, and it’s accessible 24/7—these are all major reasons that contribute to our team’s success with the application.

Taylor, Senior Internal Auditor, Cimpress

Workiva’s connected GRC platform transformed how Cimpress’ internal audit team worked across the business—Taylor calls it a “game-changer.” With Workiva, the internal audit team can now:

  • Collaborate and work simultaneously on projects with team members, process owners, and other key stakeholders on the same platform
  • Track requests for process owners, control testing, testing worksheets, and their risk matrix in one location
  • Create customized dashboards and reports that increase visibility into key risk factors across the organization

One thing that sets Workiva apart are the dashboards. You can customize how you present the data to executive leadership, to management, and to process owners in a way that makes sense.

Taylor, Senior Internal Auditor, Cimpress

Using the Workiva platform, Taylor’s team has seen multiple benefits, including increased:

  • Collaboration: They continue to open doors and build stronger relationships across the business by working within a single, collaborative cloud platform.
  • Transparency: The Cimpress internal audit team can deliver insights to executive leadership and process owners in a way that is meaningful, no matter the audience.
  • Control: They can see a full trail of edits, restrict access to only process owners, and store documents in a centralized, secure location.

In addition, Taylor and her team love that Workiva constantly strives to be better by making regular updates and improvements, and they look forward to maximizing their use of the platform.

I love being able to work asynchronously with our process owners; Workiva allows them to easily upload information directly to the platform. We know that the platform is safe, and we can rely on the transfer of sensitive data. That's such a huge benefit to everyone.

Taylor, Senior Internal Auditor, Cimpress

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