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Gogoro’s SEC Reporting Team Cuts Costs and Achieves Rapid Filing Speed With Workiva

Manual SEC reporting work was weighing down this company’s mobility toward creating a more sustainable future. See how it lightened the load.

SEC Reporting

How Workiva Supports BAT in World-Class Financial Reporting

BAT is delivering data to the investment community faster after modernising its financial reporting process. Learn how

Statutory Reporting

Telefónica Transformed Its Reporting Cycle with Workiva

See how Telefónica saved time and improved the consistency of its reports.

Financial Reporting

Financial Technology Company Runs Its IPO with Workiva

For its IPO, a well-known fintech company used a digital platform to prepare its documents rather than a traditional printer. Here’s why.

Capital Market Transactions

Lithia Drives Time Savings with Workiva for Internal Controls

Lithia Motors shaved dozens of hours from the Sarbanes-Oxley team’s work by using the Workiva solution for internal controls management. Learn how.

Internal Controls Management

Asics: Workiva Is The "Right Tool" For Integrated Reporting

Learn how Asics used Workiva to create a more efficient approach to centralize information making it accessible to multiple stakeholders. …

Statutory Reporting
Aboitiz Power Corporation

Aboitiz accelerated its reporting turnaround time and achieved deadlines through reporting automation

See how Aboitiz accelerated its reporting turnaround time and achieved deadlines through reporting automation

Financial Reporting

How KBR Makes Informed, Transparent Risk-Based Business Decisions

With hundreds of active projects and multiple business units, KBR was looking for a solution to replace paper processes and empower leaders. Learn…

Enterprise Risk Management

How Cimpress Streamlined Internal Controls Management Globally

As a parent company to more than a dozen businesses in 20 countries, Cimpress optimized collaboration globally using the Workiva platform. Learn…

Internal Controls Management

Digital Turbine Optimizes SEC Reporting with Embark and Workiva

Digital Turbine optimized the Workiva platform to increase reporting efficiency through automated, synchronized, and collaborative processes.

Evolving with the Standards: How Iberdrola Keeps their ESG Reporting Ahead of the Game

As environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards build year on year, how does Spanish multinational electric company Iberdrola keep up?…

ESG Reporting

Establishing standardised multi-entity reporting processes for The Kraft Heinz Company

The Kraft Heinz Company needed seamless, secure standardised processes for their annual local statutory reports. So they implemented the Workiva…

Statutory Reporting

How Challenger Group Limited Accelerated Finance Transformation

As a growing investment firm, Challenger was looking to reduce time spent on manual tasks and equip leaders with timely, trusted data. See how this…

Financial Reporting
Aker Horizons

How the Workiva Platform Empowered Aker Horizons to Embed ESG Within its Industry-Leading Annual Report

Aker Horizons is a developer of green energy and green industry. And they’re on a mission. Founded in 2020 by Norwegian industrial investment firm…

ESG Reporting

AIS Reduces Report Preparation Time

To increase collaboration and reduce time spent on reporting processes, Advanced Info Public Service Company Limited, knew the team needed a single,…

Management Reporting

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