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Workiva Amplify ‘22 Recap: Betting Big on Tomorrow

Workiva Amplify
Workiva Amplify 2022: The Recap
3 min read
Published: 26 September 2022
Last Updated: 6 October 2023

It was so, so good seeing nearly 1,700 of you in person and more than 5,500 of you virtually at Workiva’s first hybrid conference, Amplify 2022! 

We spent three amazing days in Las Vegas learning in sessions, mingling on the Expo floor, and cutting loose at Hakkasan to close out the conference. Let’s relive a few highlights, shall we?

Sue Suh of Time Magazine laughing with professional rock climbers Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell on stage at Amplify.


What better way to kick off a conference all about boldly going into the future than with two professional adventurers? Rock climbing rockstars Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell shared stories and insights into how they approach risk, how they constantly deal with fear of the unknown, and what they’ve learned from traveling the world to scale some of its most remote and dangerous peaks!  

The brand-new ESG Professionals Group met for the first time in person, with conversations about the pending proposal from the Securities and Exchange Commission around climate disclosures. 

Pro Groups booth at Amplify Expo


Levongia Carrera, a head of SEC reporting, suggested mapping out ESG reporting processes now and connecting with teammates across finance, risk, legal, internal audit, and investor relations to determine who takes on which steps. Then find technology to help automate as many steps as possible. This will be important for public companies but also some private companies who supply them, if the SEC adopts its climate disclosure proposal as written.

Rachael Staab, Manager of ESG and Sustainability Reporting at The Hershey Company, noted software companies are still developing the perfect ESG tools for collecting, reporting, and auditing ESG data. “Workiva is our unicorn right now,” she said. “I have tried, tested, seen demos for countless other technology solutions, and every time, I’m like, ‘well, that satisfies two-thirds of it but not quite this other part, or it’s 90% of the way there.’ The Workiva solution, especially some of those ESG Program pieces they shared in the keynote, really is going to help immensely in the ESG space where we’re very strapped for capacity, we have to prioritize, and we have way too much on our plates.”

Customers, partners, and Workivians mixed it up on the Amplify Expo floor to take in live demos, enjoy delicious refreshments, and celebrate being together!

Amplify Expo entrance with an Explore the Expo welcome arch, bordered by two Workiva-themed Vegas showgirls


Amplify attendees and Workivians chatting it up on the Expo floor
Girl Talk and dancers on stage at Hakkasan


Flo Rida and his entourage onstage at Hakkasan


Flava Flav onstage at Hakkasan


Flo Rida singing


Yasser Mahmoud, Workiva's CMO, kicking off the Day 3 keynote


If you want to rewatch sessions or missed Amplify 2022, you can log in or register to watch select sessions on demand through October 31. (It's free!)

We’ll see you next year in Nashville, Tennessee! 

Don’t wait! Register for a free Amplify account and stream select sessions until Oct. 31, 2023. Explore how financial reporting, ESG, and GRC intersect. 


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