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Why Teams Choose Workiva and the Cloud: Control

Why Teams Choose Workiva and the Cloud: Control
16 April 2019

Finance, accounting, risk and compliance professionals have given us many reasons for choosing Workiva. This is part 10 of a series exploring 10 top reasons organisations are choosing Workiva and the cloud for managing complex data, reporting and compliance challenges.

Years ago, bringing a new financial reporting, risk management, or data wrangling tool on board often meant getting your IT team involved for initial instalation as well as every software upgrade. You might have had to even schedule one or two hours of downtime to download and instal an update and then reboot your computer.

Today, you no longer have to wait for your IT team to deliver software patches or upgrades. Cloud platforms can update automatically in the background, which enables you to continue working with minimal interruption. Best of all—you don't have to create a ticket and get in the queue for attention from IT.

The feeling of empowerment and control is another reason teams choose Workiva for their connected reporting and compliance solutions.

Reason Number 10: Control

We all want the latest conveniences from our technology, from lightning-fast smartphone operating systems to real-time traffic alerts in our vehicles. Ideally, getting those updates would involve as little disruption or outside assistance as possible.

However, when dealing with technology in the office, many companies say they need IT staff to make even small changes to their enterprise information systems, and doing so can take time. In a global survey of nearly 1,000 senior finance professionals, only one-third of respondents agreed they can change their organisational structures without the help of IT and without major delays to reporting timelines.

This is one area where the cloud brings a significant advantage.

The latest updates, without waiting on IT

With most cloud software, new solutions can be both easily installed and easily upgraded, with minimal need for tech support.

Workiva uses an agile software development life cycle (Agile SDLC) methodology to deliver the latest improvements to our users, with no down time for maintenance windows. Workiva regularly releases updates as work is completed, so you do not have to wait for new features.

We solicit ongoing user feedback, which fuels the improvements our developers build into the Workiva platform. Workiva users typically receive updates at least once a week, though they may not notice it—in fact, that is our goal. Instead, those updates are delivered in the background automatically and ready to implement the next time they open the app.

The push for self-service technology

Today, more and more tech leaders are emphasising ease of use as a key factor in choosing and adopting software.

For financial reporting and risk management professionals, ease of use can often translate to self-service technology—technology that fits in context with their day-to-day work and reduces the need for outside involvement. For example:

  • Can teammates determine how and why a number changed without having to pick up the phone?
  • Can internal and external auditors find the supporting evidence they need on their own?
  • Can new team members adapt to a new system without extensive training?

These were a few of the questions Kimberly Adams' team had to consider when evaluating software for managing their company's Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance. While some tools would take a year to implement, Workiva seemed simpler to bring on board immediately and relatively intuitive for her team, she said.

"It seemed like there wouldn't be a huge learning curve. That's what really drove us to Workiva," Kimberly said. "I think it's very easy to adopt throughout the company."

If you are ready to see what Workiva could do for your organisation, request a demo of our connected reporting and compliance platform. Or, continue exploring other reasons teams choose Workiva and the cloud.

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