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Top ESG Trends in 2023

Workiva Amplify
Workiva Amplify
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Published: 14 October 2022
Last Updated: 15 August 2023

This past September, the Workiva Amplify conference doubled down on incredible content and actionable insights for going all in on the bold future of transparency. Over 7,200 attendees joined us in Las Vegas or virtually for more than 70 high-octane, informative sessions across three tracks, including ESG. In fact, with 2,850 attendees across 16 dedicated ESG sessions and 831 people sitting in on the ESG Pro Group meeting, the topic had quite the draw. 

With so many sessions to choose from, it would’ve been impossible to jot down all the vital information you need. So we compiled some of the biggest ESG takeaways from the conference. 

ESG is important for competitive positioning in the future.
Todd Fields
Principal, ESG Global Sustainability at Boeing

Among ESG executives, a reoccurring topic was reporting frequency. Rather than dropping a massive ESG report once a year, leaders are considering ways to report more frequently.  


Assurance of ESG data is critical—even before regulators officially require it. Regulators and executives want to know if the public can trust a company’s ESG disclosures, regardless if they are voluntary or not. If someone finds out you reported flawed data and it moves your stock price, it won’t matter what the regulatory environment was. 


Thirteen customers received awards for their stand-out achievements leveraging the Workiva platform to accelerate collaboration, transparency, and digital transformation across their organizations. Our Architect of the Year was Megan Patterson, Director Investor Relations, ONEOK. Megan helped implement the Workiva platform for ONEOK’s annual sustainability reporting process. She works with others at ONEOK to help improve the company’s long-standing sustainability reporting program and plans to incorporate Workiva as an integral part of that reporting strategy in the future.



In addition to the keynotes, breakout sessions, and roundtables, Amplify had numerous special events, including Workiva’s first ESG Executive Summit. Two dozen leaders came together to exchange ideas and share candid conversations. 


Rachael Staab, Manager of ESG and Sustainability Reporting, at The Hershey Company, said there is no “unicorn” tool for collecting, reporting, and auditing ESG data. But her team is implementing ESG reporting technology that comes close.
“Workiva is our unicorn right now,” she said. “I have tried, tested, seen demos for countless other technology solutions, and every time, I’m like, ‘well, that satisfies two-thirds of it but not quite this other part, or it’s 90% of the way there.’ I think the Workiva solution, especially some of those ESG Program pieces they shared in the keynote, really is going to help immensely in the ESG space where we’re very strapped for capacity, we have to prioritize, we have way too much on our plates.”

“I just think it’ll be wonderful because the people and the technology are great,” she said of the Workiva ESG solution.

Want more great ESG insights? Watch sessions on Amplify On-Demand through October 31! 

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