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Why Finance is Clear Choice to Copilot ESG Compliance

Why Finance Should Copilot ESG Compliance

At most companies, multiple teams support environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures. But landing a plane requires coordination between pilot and copilot—here’s why finance should help steer the future of ESG at your company:
15 August 2021

Documenting Internal Control over Financial Reporting

In light of recent SEC enforcement actions, critical audit matters, and the pandemic, it's clear that effective internal control over financial reporting (ICFR) has never been more important to get right. Here's what compliance officers can consider.
22 June 2021
Workiva CEO talks with Workiva ESG director and Workiva financial industry principal about ESG

It’s Proxy Season, and All Eyes Are on ESG Reporting

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters are getting more face time at annual shareholder meetings. As proxy season rolls on, Workiva CEO Marty Vanderploeg, Senior Director of ESG Mandi McReynolds and Financial Services Industry Principal Arthy Kumar riff on their perspectives. Watch the video.
19 May 2021
The ESG tweet from Apple that has companies all aflutter

Could a Tweet Turn the Tide on ESG Reporting?

With the SEC studying the matter of climate disclosures, Apple leaders are speaking out in support of required disclosures on emissions. Could a tweet from an Apple executive be what finally brings naysayers around?
16 April 2021
A Starter’s Guide to the Future of ESG Reporting

The High Stakes (and Critical Stakeholders) of ESG

While the SEC has yet to officially announce any new guidance regarding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures, there are plenty of other stakeholders putting the pressure on. See how you can make sense of your ESG environment to meet the asks of investors, executives, and employees.
14 April 2021
A look at what's ahead on fund disclosures on proxy voting

Proxy Voting, ESG and the Future of Fund Disclosure

As more investors focus on ESG matters, investment funds have work to do to disclose how they’re using their shareholder votes in proxy voting, Acting SEC Chairwoman Allison Herren Lee suggested at the ICI Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference. Here’s what could help.
24 March 2021
How to work with your IT team to implement insurance statutory reporting software

How to Work with Your IT Team on Insurance Statutory Reporting

IT teams have the same goals you do: to work in the most efficient, secure way possible. But they're not experts in insurance statutory reporting. Here's help for explaining what you need out of statutory reporting software, so your IT team can help you find technology that lets you both be successful.
9 December 2020
Light bulb moment

4 Signs You Need to Revamp Your Statutory Reporting Process

Are you finding yourself saying "there has to be a better way" more often than you'd like to admit? Then check out how Workiva helped these four companies revamp their statutory reporting processes to save time, reduce costs and drive collaboration. Read now.
6 November 2020

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