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Chart showing secure and insecure connections

More data, more risk

The amount of data being collected is booming, but that means new threats are rising as well. Unique challenges facing enterprises today include: 

  • Sensitive data susceptibility, such as confidential info accidentally falling into the wrong hands
  • Malicious activities, such as insider threats and data theft
  • Industry and regulatory requirements that call for increased data protection and controls


Be ready with BYOK

With BYOK, you—and only you—control who can access your data using your key. Benefits of BYOK include: 

  • One key per organization covers every solution and workspace in the Workiva platform
  • Ability to pull your key at any time to make data unreadable
  • Field-level encryption extends encryption to all user entered data and protects your data down to individual fields
  • Enhanced security roles limit access to all data
  • Not even Workiva and our infrastructure and service vendors can access your key
  • Full transparency into every change that’s made to your data and your keys is available in our logs
Security key graphic


Workiva representative talking security

Next steps

Looking for that next layer of data security? Talk to your Workiva representative today to schedule a discussion with Workiva’s data security team, who can answer all your BYOK questions. 

For more information on how we’re working to protect your data, visit the Workiva security page.


How BYOK Works


1. Generate

Your organization generates a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) key with 32 bytes of key material.


2. Upload

Your key is uploaded to the Workiva Organization Security Administration Portal, where your Org Security Admins will create and manage the key.


3. Deliver

Your key is delivered to the Workiva Key Service, hashed with a secure algorithm (SHA-256), and a new Amazon KMS Customer Master Key is created and uploaded.


4. Manage

The key is ready for use, your data is encrypted, and your Org Security Admin is able to use our security portal to manage and revoke the key as needed.

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