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Workiva FinTalk Series: No, Not Board Games, Let’s Talk Board Reporting

Key Takeaways

There’s pressure. There’s many confusing rules. If there’s a piece missing, it’s impossible to play and winning or losing hangs in the balance. We’re not talking about board games, we’re talking about the board report. 

Join our thought leadership series as we discuss different internal reporting topics owned by Accounting and Finance teams. This is the webinar for when you know the rules but want to know how to dominate the game. You’ll learn what to say in the meeting, what the board cares about, how many slides, and what should be in the slides—everything you want to know.

So, join us on-demand for “No, Not Board Games, Let’s Talk Board Reporting” where you’ll hear from a Workiva customer and subject-matter experts as they explain topics around these internal reporting like what information to include in a great board report, share horror stories, and let you know how you can make changes today.

FinTalk Title slide


30 minutes


Dominick Fatibene, Josh Gertsch

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