Our People

Our culture fosters collaboration and nurtures fresh ideas.

Our culture fosters collaboration and nurtures fresh ideas.

Human Asset Management

Our novel approach to employee relations resulted in seven best workplace awards in 2016. We call our approach Human Asset Management, and it relies on a philosophy of putting our employees first, listening to their voices, and responding to their needs. This extra care for our employees gets passed on to our customers every day.

Our HAM Advisory Group, consisting of employees at all levels from across the company, meets monthly to create opportunities to enhance the Workiva employee experience. Subcommittees work within the group to present their findings and recommendations to executive management.

Recent HAM Advisory Group initiatives:

  • Established volunteer time-off
  • Enhanced paid time-off
  • Improved parental leave
  • Implemented a new employee learning system
  • Introduced micro-learning courses for employees
  • Formed volunteer groups in four offices
  • Created a forum for employees to ask directly posed questions to company executives
  • Implemented quarterly education sessions on life skills
  • Enhanced benefits for employees in Canada and the United Kingdom

My favorite things about my job are the people I work with and the problems we are trying to solve.

— Workiva Product Development Manager

Our workplace is an accepting environment, where employees can freely share ideas and opinions.

We value all backgrounds, beliefs and interests, and we recognize this diversity as an important source of intellectual thought, varied perspective and innovation.

Workiva offices Map

Workiva Offices

Ames • Amsterdam • Boulder • Bozeman • Chicago • Columbus • Dallas • Denver • London
Miami • Missoula • New York • Saskatoon • Sault Ste. Marie • Scottsdale
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One in five employees is a telecommuter

Workiva is a digital and mobile workplace, allowing employees to work from remote locations. This conserves fossil fuel that would otherwise be consumed by transportation.

Our sales teams and solution architects are frequent fliers because they spend most of their time in our customers’ offices. While this face-to-face approach is important to our customers’ success, it also represents one of the largest environmental impacts from our business. Our employees flew 14,765,122 miles in 2016, equating to 2,878 metric tons of carbon emitted.* This impact is second to our energy consumption at the data centers we use.

*Metric tons of carbon emitted from airline travel is based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Inventory Protocol Core Module Guidance.

Always learning

As we scale our company, we know that an educated workforce is essential to our growth. The Learn Center is our in-house, e-learning curriculum designed to keep employees up-to-date on industry and technology topics. New courses are based on employee feedback, and they continuously evolve. In 2016, employees spent 78,000 hours learning soft skills, technical skills and leadership skills.

We also pay for continuing education for employees’ professional certifications and host bi-weekly employee education sessions on current industry, technology and workplace topics.

Nurturing students

In 2016, 147 interns participated in our internship program, which included group mentoring, professional development workshops, challenges and events in addition to working alongside our teams.

Our relationship with universities is also a pipeline for the young talent that often joins our full-time workforce. Our headquarters is centered in a hub of technology, engineering and bio-med companies in the Iowa State University Research Park in Ames, Iowa.

We also have strong connections to Arizona State University, and we are located in the ASU Sky Song complex, a collective for fast-growing companies. Similarly, our teams in Bozeman, Montana have close ties to Montana State University.

Diversity and inclusion

Diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds are critical to our culture of innovation. We encourage teams to develop understanding and respect for each other and find creative ways to work through differences.

The Workiva Diversity and Inclusion Committee was created by our HAM Advisory Group to foster diversity, educate employees and create and maintain affinity groups. With more than 1,200 employees in 16 offices and remote locations, the Committee gives everyone access to its programs and groups to support an inclusive environment.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee's Affinity Groups

  • Women in Tech
  • It Takes a Village (parenting resources)
  • People of Color
  • Veterans
  • Workivians of Different Identities, Orientations and Allies

Employees have a voice

Workiva maintains an accepting and listening culture. “First Friends” are assigned to new hires to help them on a personal level. HAMbassadors are employee volunteers who are trained to be the go-to person in each office. They are equipped to answer employee questions on company policies and guide them to information about events and activities. HAMbassadors help share knowledge among our office locations and nurture the Workiva culture. Forums and blogs on our company intranet, called Connect, allow employees to freely express thoughts and share common interests.

Our employees engage with each other through blogs, team pages and customizable profiles through our award-winning company intranet called Connect.

Workiva Employee

824,944 Connect intranet pageviews in 2016

Collaboration culture

Hard work is rewarded at Workiva. Teams are encouraged to schedule regular team outings and retreats to celebrate successes and build camaraderie in and out of the office. We also support programs across our offices that encourage teamwork, nurture innovation and promote having fun.

One perfect example is our annual Maker’s Challenge competition, which includes a trio of team-based feats that relies on collaboration, creativity and skill.

Workiva Collaboration

Healthy choices

We place a priority on health and fitness. We offer gym facilities and memberships and serve healthy food items throughout our offices.

We provide corporate bicycles to employees in seven of our U.S. offices. We hosted our third annual Bike to Work Week and expanded it to our international offices in 2016. We also took part in the National Bike Challenge from May to September in 11 office locations.

Sales Team

Home grown

At our headquarters office, we source products from local farmers wherever possible. In 2016, we harvested over 900 pounds of produce from our organic garden to supplement meals in our employee Cafe.

Ever resource conscious, we consume 80 percent of the food we make and compost the remainder.

Our Ames Cafe believes in minimally-processed food, supports sustainable and organic farmers and sources the freshest ingredients.

Home Grown

Farmer's Market: Local farmers who provide food to our headquarters' Cafe.