Our Customers

We help our customers be more efficient in ways that save time and conserve resources.

We help our customers be more efficient in ways that save time and conserve resources.

Our culture is based on an innate caring and understanding of our customers’ needs. Our customers love our personal attention to detail and how we respond to them around the clock.

Our customer satisfaction scores are greater than 95 percent, which confirms that we are trusted partners. When we receive poems, cards, and gifts from our customers, we know we are making lasting improvements.


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With Wdesk, I can now identify and prevent problems earlier than before.

— Jennifer Beckert

Wdesk has cut out hours and hours of administrative work, allowing me to focus instead on evaluating potential deficiencies and monitoring accuracy. It’s been a huge time savings for us.

— Eddie Holt, Dr Pepper Snapple

Wdesk is paperless

Wdesk helps our customers lower their carbon footprint and waste by reducing printing and delivery of physical documents. In 2016, customers created 15,764 digital reviews, saving an estimated 3,820,854 printed pages. This represents a savings of 325 trees.

The technology behind Wdesk also helps customers be more efficient. Users streamline complex data collection and reporting processes that normally require large investments of time and resources. With Wdesk, customers work seamlessly with colleagues from around the world in an efficient, secure and controlled system. Wdesk can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, saving on transportation and other costly means of legacy-style financial controls and collaboration.

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Wdesk saved over

3.8 million

pages from printing in 2016.

More than


CPE credits

earned by



Trusted partners

We help compliance, finance, risk, audit and operations teams manage business data that has to be gathered from many different departments, often across disparate locations. Our customer success managers essentially become embedded in our customers’ teams as they work together through all the processes and controls necessary for high-stakes business processes, reporting and decision-making.

Wdesk user conference

We host our annual user conference, called The Exchange Community, so our customers can learn from us in person, network with peers and develop professionally. In 2016, our conference offered 67 breakout sessions, and more than 1,400 people earned over 8,500 CPE credits.

Our user conference allows us to work face-to-face with our customers to continue incorporating their ideas and requests into Wdesk. They help drive the evolution of Wdesk.