2017 Sustainability Report

August 2017

Letter from the CEO

Workiva is built for the way people want to work today.

We give our employees the flexibility to achieve a genuine work-life balance, so they have time to give back to their communities. With paid-time off for volunteering, hands-on community service projects and office-based fundraisers, we foster a culture of caring for our surroundings.

We also built our Wdesk platform to help our customers save time and conserve other precious resources. Wdesk enables collaboration and control from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating excess travel and excess paper. Plus, Wdesk helps our customers lower their carbon footprint and waste by reducing printing and delivery of physical documents.

We incorporate environmentally sustainable practices throughout our offices and grounds, and we take every measure to protect local resources.

At Workiva, we value all backgrounds, beliefs and interests, and we recognize this diversity as an important source of intellectual thought, varied perspective and innovation. We follow a Human Asset Management approach to employee relations, which relies on a philosophy of putting our employees first, listening to their voices and responding to their needs. This extra care for our employees gets passed on to our customers every day.

We built Workiva on the core ethic of doing the right thing every time: from how we serve our customers to how we treat our employees to how we respect the environment where we live and work.

My best,

Matt Rizai Signature

Matt Rizai
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Workiva Inc.

Matt Rizai