Our culture fosters collaboration and nurtures fresh ideas.

Our culture fosters collaboration and nurtures fresh ideas.

Workiva is built by great people, and as we continue to grow other people are noticing our success.

As we scale our company, we know that an educated workforce is essential to our growth. The Learn Center is our in-house, e-learning curriculum designed to keep employees up-to-date on industry and technology topics. New courses are based on employee feedback, and they continuously evolve.

We also pay for continuing education for employees’ professional certifications and host bi-weekly employee education sessions on current industry, technology and workplace topics

We love Wdesk!

— Sheryl Andersen
TiVo, Inc.

Our workplace is an accepting environment, where employees can freely share ideas and opinions.

Employment Growth

Workiva offices Map

Workiva Offices

Ames • Amsterdam • Boulder • Bozeman • Chicago • Columbus • Dallas • Denver • London
Miami • Missoula • New York • Saskatoon • Sault Ste. Marie • Scottsdale • Seattle

Wdesk for SOX and Internal Controls won a 2016 Edison Award TM for the most innovative financial solution. We also won an Innovation Award from GRC 20/20 for the best user experience in internal controls management.

In 2015, Deloitte recognized Workiva on its Technology Fast 500 list as one of the fastest growing companies in America. By the end of 2015, we had 1,122 full-time employees with offices in 15 cities. We also ranked #4 on Fortune Magazine's Best Large Workplaces in Technology and #6 on Fortune's Best Workplaces for Camaraderie. This recognition stems from the fact that 96 percent of our employees say that Workiva is a great place to work. We were named a Silver Silver Stevie® Award winner for Most Innovative Technology Company of the Year and a Bronze Stevie® Award for Most Innovative Company of the Year. And, we won our eleventh Prometheus Award from the Iowa Technology Association.

*Metric tons of carbon emitted from airline travel is based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Inventory Protocol Core Module Guidance.

Workiva is a digital and
mobile workplace. One in five
employees is a telecommuter.

workiva team member

Workiva is a digital and mobile workplace, allowing employees to work from remote locations. This conserves the fossil fuel that would otherwise be consumed by transportation.

Our sales teams and solution architects are frequent fliers because they spend most of their time in our customers' offices. While this face-to-face approach is important to our customers' success, it also represents one of the largest environmental impacts from our business. Our employees flew 11,898,064 miles in 2015, equating to 2,470 metric tons of carbon emitted.* This impact is second to our energy consumption at the data centers we use.

* This impact is second to our energy consumption at the data centers we use.

Quality of life matters

Workiva follows a Human Asset Management (HAM) approach to employee relations. Different from traditional HR models, HAM focuses first on improving our employees' quality of life. This has been a founding principle of our culture from day one: creating an extra level of care for our employees. We believe this is essential to the level of care that is passed on to our customers and why our customer satisfaction scores are among the highest in any industry.

Workiva team

Recent HAM initiatives include:

Employee Engagement Survey
Diversity and Inclusion Affinity Groups
Paid Leave Policies
Culture Development

Caring for Students, Caring for Employees

In 2015, 119 interns participated in our internship program, which included group mentoring, professional development workshops, challenges and events, in addition to working alongside our teams. We strive to give them meaningful work. In fact, one intern was awarded a patent with three other full-time Workiva software engineers.

We send goody-bags during finals weeks to ease the stress of their routine, and ensure a helpful support system during their time with us.

Our relationship with universities is also a pipeline for the great talent that becomes our workforce. Our headquarters is centered in the hub of technology, engineering, and bio-med companies of the Iowa State Research park in Ames, Iowa. Iowa State University is the birthplace of the first digital computer.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, we are located in the Arizona State University Sky Song complex, a collective for fast-growing companies. We have strong connections to Arizona State University and our teams in Bozeman, Montana have close ties to Montana State University.

Iowa State University President Steven Leath says, "Workiva is the quintessential example of our university partnership model, which promotes entrepreneurship and a robust talent and innovation pipeline. In less than a decade, we’ve seen Workiva transform from a small tech start-up to one of the fastest growing companies in North America. Our students benefit greatly from the wide range of employment opportunities offered across many disciplines.”

768 employees took 37 courses in The Learn Center, our in-house, e-learning curriculum

Diversity and Inclusion at Workiva

The HAM Advisory group initiated the Diversity and Inclusion committee to improve quality of life and culture. With more than 1,200 employees in 16 locations, it is important for everyone to have access to a committee like this for continued collaboration and support of an inclusive environment.

The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to educate employees on the benefit of a diverse and inclusive Workiva team, help in the recruitment and retention of a diverse population and to support the development and maintenance of resource/affinity groups.

A diverse set of experiences, perspectives and backgrounds is critical to innovation and the development of new ideas. People approach problems and create solutions based on their differing perspectives. Inclusion encourages teams to find common ground, develop a new understanding and respect for one another and find creative ways to work through real differences. Together, diverse teams can consistently generate better ideas and solve problems quicker, with greater success.

The Diversity and Inclusion committee helped employees form an affinity group for women in technology, and has supported this group in sponsoring and sending mentors to Girls in Science at the Science Center of Iowa; supporting Girls who Code with mentors in local schools; hosting ISU Women in Science and Engineering networking events; sponsorship of the ISU lecture, Women Who Don’t Wait in Line, and Girls Who Code CEO Reshma Saujani; and sponsorship of the Cedar Rapids Girls Code Camp.

Workiva Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Workiva cultivates a work environment that encourages fairness, teamwork and respect among all employees. We value diversity of backgrounds, beliefs and interests, and we recognize them as an important source of intellectual thought, varied perspective and innovation.

We are firmly committed to maintaining a work atmosphere in which people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and interests may grow personally and professionally. Fostering a diverse workplace provides an inclusive environment for our employees, thereby increasing engagement, empowerment and satisfaction. We believe this environment best positions us to meet the needs of our customers.

Workiva focuses on recruiting, supporting and retaining diverse populations. Our efforts include: developing the Diversity and Inclusion Committee; hosting, sponsoring and recruiting diverse candidates; training employees and managers; and encouraging employee resource groups.

Employees Have a Voice

Employees maintain an accepting and listening culture. First Friends are assigned to new hires to help them on a personal level. HAMbassadors are employee volunteers who are trained to be the “go to” person in each office. They are well equipped to answer employee questions on company policies and guide them to information about events and activities. This program helps share knowledge among our office locations and nurture the Workiva culture. Forums and blogs on our company intranet, called Connect, allow employees to freely express thoughts and share common interests.

Workiva Employee

Our employees engage with each other through blogs, customizable profiles and topic forums on our award-winning company intranet called Connect.

Collaboration culture

Hard work is rewarded at Workiva. Teams are encouraged to schedule regular team outings and retreats to celebrate successes and build camaraderie in and out of the office. We also support programs across our offices that encourage teamwork, nurture innovation and have fun.

One perfect example is our annual Maker's Challenge competition, which includes a trio of team-based feats that relies on collaboration, creativity and skill.

Workiva Collaboration

These high-quality jobs make it very attractive for our top graduates to stay here in Ames. As a result, our graduates are not only making important contributions to the company, they’re making a positive impact on our community

— Dr. Steven Leath
President, Iowa State University

Healthy choices

We place a priority on health and fitness. We offer gym facilities and memberships and offer healthy food items throughout our offices.

In April, we implemented a Healthy Living Challenge that encouraged employees to make positive lifestyle choices. With the help of teams and coworker "mentors," employees were able to stay on track with their goals and encourage each others to be successful. We used Wdesk Data Collection templates to track participants' achievements.

We provide corporate bicycles in 12 of our offices, and our Ames and Scottsdale offices hosted Bike to Work weeks. All of our U.S. offices participated in the National Bike Challenge from May to September and logged just over 5,000 miles.

Boulder Winter Event

Employees in our Ames office run an average of 150 miles each week on our gym's treadmills, and they cover 300 miles weekly on the other cardio machines in our fitness center.

Home grown

At our headquarters offices, we source products from local farmers wherever possible. We harvested 621 pounds of produce from our organic garden to supplement meals in our Cafe. We consume 80 percent of the food we make. Citrus peels, bones, grease, and anything else that cannot be consumed is composted.

As part of our farm-to-table philosophy, we sometimes rely on employees to lend a hand. For example, Ames employees shucked 2,616 ears of sweet corn one afternoon for their meals.

Home Grown