Wdesk is a next-generation platform for data consistency and control that is modernizing the way people work.

Wdesk helps collaborators understand and trust their data.

Data-linking pioneers

In 2008, our founders decided to change the way corporations were managing and reporting business data. We released our first cloud-based software solution in 2010 at a time when most Fortune 500® companies were hesitant to place their trust in the cloud. That quickly changed. We built our own word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications on top of our data-management engine. It’s a next-generation productivity platform called Wdesk.

Wdesk has so many features. It creates flexibility that all customers can tailor to their own needs. I think this solution is great!

– James Hunt
Tupperware Brands Corporation

We help people work smart

What makes Wdesk different is all of the data inside the platform – in spreadsheets, word-processing documents and presentation decks – is linked together. Wdesk records every change by every user, providing a full audit trail.

With a powerful data-collection tool, our users can gather data from any format and link it inside a centralized platform; no more emailing around rolling versions. Wdesk helps mitigate enterprise risk because data is entered just once and then available to be referenced or distributed wherever it’s needed.

Consumer experience at work

Wdesk is so flexible and scalable that users can easily adapt it to optimize their business processes and workflows on the fly.

Thousands of corporations, including over 65 percent of the Fortune 500®, use our integrated, collaboration solutions around the world because they can control, monitor and understand their business data with a single, trusted source.

Customer-driven innovation

We don’t just develop technology; we listen to our customers and create solutions to meet their needs. We create light-weight data elements that store numbers and text so they can quickly be found and used in multiple ways.

We employ Agile Software Development methods that place customers at the heart of the design process. This includes constant collaboration and iteration that delivers new software functionality at a very fast pace.

At Workiva we are consistently recognized for our innovation, which wouldn’t be possible without dedicated employees and customers who are responsible for our success.

Sustainable and secure

One of our cloud providers is Amazon, which uses wind and solar farms to deliver 1.6 million megawatt hours per year of additional renewable energy to supply their data centers. Google, our other cloud provider, uses 50 percent less energy than the typical data center.

The largest corporations in the world trust us with their most sensitive data, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We employ stringent data security, reliability, integrity and privacy practices at every level. We aggressively test the security of our operations by subjecting them to ongoing penetration and vulnerability testing. The quality of our data security efforts is validated by our annual completion of the rigorous Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 report. Maintaining our ongoing SOC 1 audits continues to give customers the assurance they need around using Wdesk for financial processes like SEC filings. In 2016, we completed our first SOC 2 report, which expands the scope of our audited controls to additionally meet the demands of a broader range of customers and help them make apples-to-apples comparisons with Wdesk. Completing these reports demonstrates our continued commitment to making customers’ data secure.

laptop wdesk

As Wdesk expands across risk, audit, finance and compliance teams, time and resource efficiencies improve throughout the organization.

technology group

The technology features people have come to expect in their personal lives — speed, access, sharing, linking — are now available at work with Wdesk.

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We employ stringent data security practices at every level.


Wdesk helps collaborators understand and trust their data.

*The Kauffman Foundation reports that less than 250 of the more than 550,000 new firms created each year are able to earn more than $100 million annually within a reasonable time frame. (Paul Kedrosky, "The Constant: Companies that Matter," Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, May 2013.)

Awards in 2015 Include:

  • Deloitte 2015 Technology Fast 500

    Deloitte Technology Fast 500

  • Technology Great Place To Work 2016

    #4 on Fortune Magazine's Best Large Workplaces in Technology

  • Camaraderie Great Place To Work 2015

    #6 on Fortune Magazine's Best Workplaces for Camaraderie

  • Edison Award

    Edison Award for Wdesk and Internal Controls

  • Silver Stevie Award

    Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year

  • Bronze Stevie Award

    Most Innovative Company of the Year

  • GRC 2020 innovator award

    GRC 20/20 Innovator

  • 2015 Prometheus award

    Prometheus Award: Software Company of the Year

  • 2015 Prometheus award

    Prometheus Award: Technology Company of the Year (Large Enterprise)