2016 Workiva Sustainability Report

Our Communities

Our headquarters campus in Ames, Iowa reveres the native, tallgrass prairie.

Our headquarters campus in Ames, Iowa reveres the native, tallgrass prairie.

At home on the prairie

Our twin buildings with sweeping roof lines flow like waves of prairie grass that fill the grounds. Energy-efficient, north-south windows are oversized to maximize natural daylight and reduce electricity use. Above-grade insulation improves heating and cooling efficiency. Inside and out are a variety of locally sourced and environmentally friendly materials, such as coverings of Iowa limestone and recycled aluminum. Many furnishings, including carpet, were chosen because they were cradle-to-cradle recyclables.

Workiva's Midwestern roots are reflected in the prairie landscape of our corporate headquarters. More than 50 species of native Iowa grasses and flowers grow outside our buildings.

Last summer, we harvested seeds from our prairie and gave them to employees as an incentive to raise funds for our United Way Campaign.

Our hospitable, mobile atmosphere is designed to make daily work and collaboration enjoyable in relaxed settings. We often work outside on our patio with furniture made from recycled plastics.

We have eight car-charging stations for commuters with electric cars at our Ames headquarters, and a rack full of Workiva bicycles for employees.

Our Ames Cafe has state-of-the-art, energy-efficient appliances. We partner with local farmers and Community Supported Agriculture programs to source food, and we pick from our organic herb and vegetable gardens, which are within steps of our Cafe

Workiva building Ames



trees saved with our Shred-It office paper recycling program



pounds of cardboard recycled, at an average of about


pounds per day

Where we live and work

Our priorities for giving include technology entrepreneurship, career advancement for students, fine arts programs, business alliances, community chambers and museums. We also sponsor business incubators and several state technology associations to help people develop their ideas into viable businesses at all stages.

We strongly believe in nurturing the next generation of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. In 2015, we employed 119 interns. We mentored technology students by participating in a "Hackathon" at Iowa State University, that helped students collaborate on software projects. HackISU is the third largest event of its kind in the Midwest. We also sponsored two events for Iowa State University's Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE). In Scottsdale, Bozeman and Ames, we supported a variety of professional development sessions and events for students

Employees often serve as advisors to university programs. For example, Workiva employees were panelists on a Senior Design Industry Review at ISU and served on the MSU Employee and Computer Science Advisory Board.

We also encourage people from diverse groups to work in the software industry. We visit local high schools and universities to teach students about the many benefits of a career in science, math and engineering. One teaching activity involves helping students create ideas for software apps in the classroom to spur innovation at a young age.

Women who don't wait in line

Pay it forward

We give our employees the flexibility to achieve a genuine work-life balance so they have time to give back to their communities. We support a wide variety of hands-on community service projects as well as office-based fundraisers. Our annual United Way campaign is one way that our employees can support charities in their communities, no matter where they live in the U.S. In 2015, through activities like fun runs, sports and game tournaments and monetary pledges, we increased our United Way contributions by 25 percent over the prior year, giving a total of $57,000.

In Dallas, employees collected small toys and hygiene supplies for Family Compass, benefiting several hundred low-income families and child abuse victims. Employees in the Dallas office also held a fundraiser for The Special Olympics of Texas.

Employees in Boulder, Colorado supported the local Harvest of Hope food pantry that serves the homeless and transitive community.

Employees on our sales team donated 66 pairs of shoes to children living in poverty in Los Cabos, Mexico and 114 days of child care at Los NiƱos del Capitan for low-income families.


new trees planted throughout Ames park


We estimated that our electricity use from operations in 2015 created 3,241 metric tons of carbon-dioxide emissions.* The perimeter for our environmental data are our offices in Bozeman, Montana; Chicago, Illinois; New York, New York; and Ames, Iowa. These offices collectively host 53 percent of employees. Because we have offices in multi-tenant buildings, we cannot obtain precise information in Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; and Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as in our other smaller offices.

*Based on U.S. Energy Information Administration multipliers.

Headquarters building

Energy-efficient, north-south windows
Above-grade insulation
Locally sourced Iowa limestone
Furnishings of cradle-to-cradle recyclables

Workiva building


Prairie grasses and other plants grow densely throughout our Iowa campus to reduce topsoil erosion from nearby streams. Bioswales in the parking lot help filter out oils and other debris that would otherwise flow directly into the storm-water system. We also pay close attention to water usage. Our solar-powered irrigation system has sensors that measure the moisture content of soil and only water the grounds when it is truly needed. Water conservation systems are also incorporated in our buildings, including a dish-washing system that recycles its water. We increased our overall water use at our Ames headquarters by 42 percent from 2014 to 2015 to support the sod and protect our newly planted shrubs and perennials.Our watering system monitors rainfall amounts to adjust accordingly

More than


native prairie plants flank our headquarters to help conserve topsoil and filter pollutants from entering nearby streams.


We look for many ways to conserve resources.

In 2013, we committed to reduce our carry-off waste by 30 percent over a three-year period (2013 to 2015). We exceed our goal and reduced waste by 42 percent.

We were successful because of two initiatives: phase-out disposable cups at all offices and compost a portion of our food waste from our Ames and Boulder office kitchens. Boulder employees also compost paper products, which are certified BPI free

As a cloud-based software company, Workiva prints very little paper. At our headquarters, our trash goes to the Ames Resource Recovery Plant, where 70 percent of the waste they receive generates electricity for the municipal utility. In 2015, Workiva generated 9,957 kWh of electricity with our trash.

*According to the Ames Resource Recovery Plant, every pound of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) generates 0.225 kWh of electricity.

We also know that electronic waste is one of the fastest growing sectors of solid waste in the U.S., and we follow strict guidelines for disposal of electronic devices. In Ames, the local recycling company separates all raw materials for a separate processor that follows the Responsible Recycling Practices (R2) certification.

*According to the Ames Resource Recovery Plant, every pound of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) generates 0.225 kWh of electricity.

Workiva coffee cup

In 2015, we composted


pounds of compostable material, at roughly


pounds per day