2016 Sustainability Report

July 2016

Letter from the CEO

Workiva is built for the way people want to work today.

We work in the cloud, which enables one in five employees to be a telecommuter. Employees based in offices enjoy top-quality amenities, including fitness centers, gourmet food, game rooms and collaboration spaces. We incorporate sustainable practices throughout our offices and grounds, and we take every measure to tread lightly on local resources.

We built Wdesk to give people the same technology features at work that they enjoy at home: speed, access, sharing and linking. We bring the consumer-technology experience to the workplace, which makes work more enjoyable for our employees and our customers.

Wdesk also helps our customers be more efficient in ways that save time and resources. Wdesk enables collaboration and control from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating excess travel and excess paper.

When our customers work seamlessly with coworkers in the same document, they save time. When they trust their data from beginning to end, they reduce risk. And when our customers have peace of mind, they make better decisions. So do we.

My best,

Matt Rizai Signature

Matt Rizai
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Workiva Inc.

Matt Rizai