How to Banish Bad Data from the Financial Reporting Supply Chain

Presenters: Andromeda Wood, Gary Simon

Length: 30 minutes

Key takeaways: 
Complete mastery of data quality is absolutely pivotal to delivering straight through processing and a faster close process. Erroneous data wastes time and diverts scarce resources from the task in hand. Although seemingly a simple objective, ensuring and sustaining data quality presents significant challenges. The scale of a consolidation, its geographic reach, and the variable quality of people and systems around the world all conspire to make it a difficult task. Yet, with some simple measures in place and the appropriate application of technology, you can eliminate bad data from the reporting supply chain.

Join us for this webinar to see how you can transform the dependability of your reporting process. After this event, you will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of securing the quality of data across an entire organization
  • Recall strategies for turning error-prone data management tasks into dependable and repeatable processes
  • Describe how modern finance professionals can achieve a smooth and uninterrupted financial close