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The Future of ESG and Sustainability Reporting

Key Takeaways

Businesses are under increased pressure due to rising geopolitical risks, inflation, rising energy prices, supply chain problems, and the threat of a recession. It’s against this uncertain backdrop that new ESG reporting mandates are coming into force, providing a challenge for organizations which need to ensure cross-departmental collaboration and to consolidate disparate financial and non-financial data. As they head into 2023, more firms are evaluating how to meet regulatory, ratings agency, investor and public demand for audit-ready ESG data. They are also considering how to make their reporting more dynamic so they are well placed to track their progress towards ESG goals.

Business leaders are aware of the damage that accusations of greenwashing can do to their brand. They recognize that the ESG data they provide to their stakeholders must be trusted and must meet the requirements of various directives being implemented around the world. There’s also a growing consensus that ESG and finance teams need to work together if ESG reports are to face the same scrutiny as financial reports. Additionally, more business leaders believe that a failure to comply with new ESG requirements could pose significant risks to their entire operations. 

This webinar, hosted by the Financial Times in partnership with Workiva, will explore the impact of ESG inaction on business reputation and investors and why 2023 is the time to act. It will examine how proactive ESG activities can provide positive business value by improving customer retention, cutting costs and reducing risk, and it will look at how investment in technology can support the collation of complex ESG data to meet new and emerging mandates.

Provided by Financial Times Live.




Mandi McReynolds, Emma Keller, John Ostergren, Rui Teixeira, Kenza Bryan

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