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The hub for ESG news, ideas, and resources

Discover best practices, by industry or across sectors, such as integrating ESG into risk management, financial services, or transition plans for the energy sector. Get ready to provide assurance on ESG reporting for net-zero commitments and beyond.


Partner Persefoni Thought leadership

Workiva & Persefoni: Partnership Story

Discover how our joint solution with Persefoni enables companies to collaborate and integrate existing workstreams to simplify financial and ESG reporting across organizations in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.
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What is ESG? Here's everything you need to know.

New to ESG? Here’s the introductory ESG guide you’ve been looking for. We’re keeping things simple in hopes that by the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll better understand the basics of the ever-changing ESG landscape.
Delivering on ESG Workiva Resource

Delivering on ESG: An Inside Look with Compliance Week

Explore how one shipping company developed and measures their ESG strategy through interviews with their chief sustainability officer and chief compliance officer included in a four-part e-book from Compliance Week.
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Auditing ESG: Why Sustainability Reporting Needs Oversight

To help you understand how to strengthen the connection between siloed teams so you can minimize risk and drive value through your corporate stories, leaders will frame the main challenges and opportunities during this interactive discussion.

Policy Perspectives

Read up on ESG policies, governance practices, rules, and regulations, as well as the latest reporting requirements and frameworks, to stay ahead of the curve.
Highlights from the Change in Climate Survey and Webinar

Highlights from the Change in Climate Survey and Webinar

Workiva and PwC published their Change in the Climate survey, which focused on a range of challenges and opportunities related to ESG reporting and strategy; specifically focusing on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) climate disclosure ruling. Here are highlights from the Change in Climate survey and the following webinar as well as links to articles featuring survey insights.
Building effective ESG governance and internal controls

Audit and Risk Outlook for 2023: KPMG on ESG, Efficiency, and More

With a rapidly changing regulatory environment and increasing demands, keeping up with risk can be challenging. Sue King, Partner at KPMG LLP, shares leading practices on how to build effective governance and internal controls for ESG, increase ICFR efficiency, and stay ahead of emerging risks.
How to Improve ESG Ratings

How to Improve ESG Ratings: Workiva’s Approach to MSCI

Workiva's MSCI ESG Rating has been upgraded from "AA" to "AAA"—the highest possible rating awarded by the organization. See how Workiva approached improving its ESG rating and learn some universal guiding principles to keep in mind when setting out to improve ESG ratings.
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An Introduction to the TCFD

What is the TCFD, and who does it affect? Find out everything you need to know in this easy introduction.
Unlock business value by exploring ESG materiality metrics and how to engage all stakeholders, including investors, customers, and employees, on progress toward ESG goals.


ESG reporting software at Workiva

ESG: Unlocking Growth

Embedding ESG goals into your organization’s mission or overall strategy can pay off. Explore how.
ESG + Finance Transformation: The New BFFs

ESG + Finance Transformation: The New BFFs

If there’s ever been a time for finance and ESG teams to work more closely together, it’s now. Read more on how ESG is taking finance transformation to the next level to supercharge corporate strategy.
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Gaining Trust in Your ESG Data Is a Material Issue

Your shareholders’ appetite for data is increasing, but the scope of materiality is constantly shifting. Is your ESG reporting prepared for changing ESG standards? Find out what certain companies are doing to stay ahead of the market.
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Drive Trust with Connected ESG Reporting

Effective ESG reporting programs drive change and strengthen stakeholder trust. KPMG has teamed with Workiva to address ESG data collection, aggregation, data management controls, and reporting challenges. This partnership delivers deep industry knowledge and a platform to help you mature your ESG reporting program.
Bring ESG into the digital age by transforming your business with connected reporting to uncover insights for decision-making. Adopt next-gen technology for collaboration, automation, data analytics, iXBRL™ reporting, and benchmarking.


ESG Tech

Where to Start with ESG? Technology. Here's Why

Ask anyone who’s tried collecting ESG data with disconnected desktop spreadsheets and they’ll say it can drive you crazy. Get started with ESG reporting by first finding the right ESG reporting technology. Here’s why.
Learn about the ESG Program feature in the ESG reporting solution from Workiva

ESG Program: Your Digital Hub to Operationalize ESG Reporting

The Workiva platform's ESG Program feature helps operationalise your ESG strategy. Think of ESG Program as your central digital hub for assigning tasks, tracking workflows and status, and mapping metrics to frameworks as you manage all things ESG.
Tips and software to walk you through starting an ESG reporting process

How to Jump-Start Your ESG Reporting Journey

When producing your company’s very first ESG report, take advantage of best practices from top companies that have implemented ESG programs to create trusted, audit-ready reports.
ESG leaders are joining the free ESG Pro Group to share tips in a private community

Why Community Matters for ESG Leaders Doing the Work

The ESG community is guiding the development of ESG software and solutions here at Workiva, but members are also sharing questions, ideas, and best practices to shape the future of ESG for us all. Read more.
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Take Control Before the SEC’s Climate Disclosure Rule

As companies wait for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to adopt a final climate risk disclosure rule, learn what your reporting and internal controls teams can do now with the Workiva platform to prepare.

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It’s an end-to-end solution. I didn’t see anyone who came close.
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We are very focused on and committed to meeting our customers' needs, especially helping them with their energy transition objectives. Workiva helps us accomplish this.
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It’s just plain awesome. I could never have contemplated working this way years ago!

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