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The Off the Books Crew Goes on Spring Break

Key Takeaways

The first part of season 3 is in the books (or should that be off the books?), and it’s time to listen back to our deep conversations about career paths, what to disclose, and even the best accounting movies before we head out for spring break. Plus, a teaser for the new podcast from Mandi McReynolds!




The Off the Books Crew Goes on Spring Break Transcript


Steve Soter: Hello, and welcome to Off the Books, where we surf the uncharted waters of accounting, finance, risk, and wherever else the waves take us. Catherine, I'm thinking something.


Catherine Tsai: What's that?


Steve Soter: I'm thinking it's time for a break. Do you need a break?


Catherine Tsai: I could use a break. I have a bunch of accounting movies I still need to watch.


Steve Soter: Yes, isn’t that the truth? I feel like Mike is going to be cracking the whip here any time soon, and I am woefully unprepared for the next episode. In addition to accounting movies, how are you going to use your time?


Catherine Tsai: I think I’m going to try to squeeze in some spring snowboarding, invest some time to get up to the mountains, and see what my ROI is.


Steve Soter: Nice.


Catherine Tsai: How about you?


Steve Soter: Well, you know, our oldest son actually will be leaving the house here this summer, so I think we’re going to try to get in a big vacation before he does that. We’re actually looking forward to it.


Catherine Tsai: Nice.


Steve Soter: Although the vacation is not going to go until June. But I think our break is. So I will certainly will need to fill in some accounting movies myself, that’s for sure.


Commercial: Before we head off to break, we wanted to let you know about a new podcast on the block coming to you on May 9 called ESG Talk. And if the name didn’t already give it away, ESG Talk is the go-to source for trends, topics, and tips on all things environmental, social, and governance, aka ESG. Our colleague Mandi McReynolds will host the ESG Talk podcast, and she’ll talk with a variety of stakeholders and leaders in the field to share knowledge and explore opportunities. Mandi is an ESP and corporate responsibility expert who currently heads global ESG at Workiva. She’s also an award-winning ESG educator and practitioner-scholar with deep experience across industries and co-author and editor of the book “Diving Deep in Community Engagement: A Model for Professional Development.” Follow @ESGTalk on Twitter for the first word on how to Cath the first episode of ESG Talk on May 9 to hear how business is evolving with ESG in real, simple, and practical terms.


Catherine Tsai: As for our listeners, I hope you take this time to listen to some of your favorite episodes again. Be sure to subscribe.


Steve Soter: Catch up on some accounting movies, and definitely tell your buddies if you like the show.


Catherine Tsai: In the meantime, feel free to drop us a line at


Steve Soter: Surf’s up, and we’ll see you on the next wave.

Off the Books season 3


3 minutes


Steve Soter, Catherine Tsai

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