2017 Sustainability Report


Workiva is built for the way people want to work today.

Our company is based on core values of respect, fairness, and compassion. We give our employees the freedom and resources they need, and together we are transforming an industry and improving the lives of our customers, employees, and investors.

We are successful because we listen. We listen to our employees and respond to their needs. We listen to our customers and create cutting-edge solutions. And we listen to both our raving fans and our critics so that we can continue to improve how we do business and how we solve our customers’ problems.

We value all backgrounds, beliefs, and interests, and we recognize this diversity as an important source of innovation. We give our employees the flexibility to achieve a genuine work-life balance so they have time to give back to their communities. With paid-time off for volunteering, hands-on community service projects, and office-based fundraisers, we foster a culture of caring for our surroundings.

Our offices and work hours are designed to encourage collaboration, so employees can freely share their ideas. We offer classroom and e-learning programs for employees and continuing education for customers through Wdesk University.

In this report, you will learn about how we work to protect local resources and how our offices and grounds reflect my life-long environmental ethic, including a native prairie and a Monarch butterfly waystation at our headquarters.

We also help our customers save time and conserve other precious resources. Wdesk enables collaboration and control from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating excess travel and excess paper. Plus, Wdesk helps our customers lower their carbon footprint and waste by reducing printing and delivery of physical documents.

We all need to do what we can to create a more sustainable world.

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Marty Vanderploeg

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