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Workiva is changing how people all over the world work together to create and report data with control and accountability

We created our Wdesk platform to transform the way people were managing disparate business data with numerous collaborators, documents, and spreadsheets.

Thousands of organizations, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 500®, use Wdesk to improve data collaboration, accuracy, and insight into their business data.

Wdesk enables teams to link narrative with numbers, which is critical when reporting to executives and boards.

Our customers are able to connect datasets with a history of every change down to the level of each individual cell.

Wdesk connects numbers, narrative, and supporting files in new and powerful ways—allowing our customers and partners to work smarter, faster, and better together. Inside Wdesk, data is linked together—in spreadsheets, documents, presentations or reports. And it’s powered by one of the fastest, safest, and most sophisticated data-management engines in the world.

Companies of all sizes, state and local governments, and educational institutions use Wdesk to help mitigate risk, improve productivity, and gain confidence in their data-driven decisions.

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Flexible and scalable

Our customers love Wdesk because it delivers the speed, flexibility, and usability of common desktop tools with the power and sophistication to address the most complex enterprise reports and processes.

Wdesk delivers the visibility, accountability, and insight to drive productivity and keep everyone on the same page.

Our customers are able to build and shape data-linked reports for whatever they need, whenever they need it.


Customers have linked more than 4 billion data values in Wdesk to ensure data accuracy.


Wdata combines new data preparation capabilities with existing connectors and APIs to help our customers more easily capture, enrich, and connect large datasets to Wdesk.

Wdata amplifies the powerful linking, auditability, and control features inside Wdesk to give customers all over the world the tools they need to improve data collaboration, automate downstream reports and analyses, and support finance transformation across their organizations.

Wdata is built for finance teams to gather, prepare, and interpret massive datasets from cloud, on-premise and hybrid structured systems and desktop spreadsheets as well as Wdesk spreadsheets. With an easy, drag-and-drop experience, users are able to centralize data from diverse sources – including systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources, sales, operations, and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) – into a secure, cloud platform.

Wdata users integrate their external data into Wdesk to perform faster and more reliable reporting and analysis with linking, dynamic commentary, controlled collaboration, granular permissions, and clear audit trails.


Partner Ecosystem

From small teams to enterprise-wide projects, Workiva works with our partners to help our customers do more, see more, and know more with Wdesk.

Our consulting and accounting partners offer our customers more services and capabilities to leverage Wdesk to improve a wide range of financial, regulatory, and management functions.

Our technology partners provide data and process integrations to enable our customers to directly connect the datasets they need into a central hub of trusted data. Wdesk gives users the ability to combine narrative with their data, which further amplifies the power of our platform throughout our customers’ organizations.

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Thousands of organizations, including more than 75% of the Fortune 500®, trust Wdesk

Clean Energy

Workiva is committed to taking every measure to protect natural resources.

We built our Wdesk platform to enable collaboration and control from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating excess travel and excess paper. Plus, Wdesk helps our customers lower their carbon footprint and waste by reducing printing and delivery of physical documents.

One of our cloud providers is Amazon, which has a long-term commitment to achieve 100 percent renewable energy usage for its global infrastructure footprint. As an AWS customer, we use 84 percent less power and utilize a 28 percent cleaner power mix, for a total reduction in carbon emissions of 88 percent by using the AWS Cloud instead of operating our own data centers.

Google, our other cloud provider, has an infrastructure that is entirely carbon-neutral. Their data centers consume 50 percent less energy than the typical datacenter. In 2017, Google will purchase 100 percent renewable energy to match consumption for their global datacenter operations.

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Security and Reliability

The largest enterprises in the world trust us with their most sensitive data, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Wdesk employs stringent data security, reliability, integrity, and privacy practices. In addition to our regular customer security assessments, we aggressively test the security of our operations by subjecting them to continuous and ongoing penetration and vulnerability testing. The quality of our data security efforts is validated by our annual completion of an independent audit process using the SSAE 16 standard. The annual SSAE 16 examination includes coverage of security controls through performing SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 audits.

We recently achieved FedRAMP’s Authorization to Operate, which further demonstrates our commitment to improving processes and ensuring the security of our customers’ data.


Our customers’ need for data integrity is at the forefront of our innovation.

Customer-driven innovation

We don’t just develop technology; we listen to our customers and create solutions to meet their needs. We create light-weight data elements that store numbers and text so they can quickly be found and used in multiple ways.

We employ Agile Software Development methods that place customers at the heart of the design process. This includes constant collaboration and iteration that delivers new software functionality at a very fast pace.

At Workiva we are consistently recognized for our innovation, which wouldn’t be possible without the talented and dedicated employees and customers who are responsible for our success.

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Workiva History

We founded WebFilings in 2008 to change the way corporations were managing and reporting business data. We released our first cloud-based solution in 2010 at a time when most companies were hesitant to place their trust in the cloud. That quickly changed.

Our Wdesk platform caught on like wildfire. Companies big and small adopted Wdesk because for the first time, they could collaborate with control and accountability.

We changed our company name to Workiva in 2014 to keep pace with growing demand for our solutions from finance, regulatory compliance, risk, and audit teams.

Today, Wdesk is modernizing how people work across thousands of organizations around the globe, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 500®.

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