WebFilings SEC Reporting

Spend more time with the numbers that really count.

Traditionally, compliance reporting has required sacrifice—late nights, weekends, birthdays, soccer games, and holidays spent in your office. With Wdesk, you'll never have to risk missing another important event.

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It's time for a change in your SEC reporting process.

You have complete control.
Take productivity to the next level in a collaborative, controlled environment, and eliminate version control issues. Grant permissions on a project, document, and section basis.

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Numbers you can count on.
Make changes to live-linked financial data and text, and see data update across all reports—even at the last minute. Collect, organize, and manage data from all sources in a single secure platform.

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We make XBRL easy on you.
From DIY to full service—our team of Professional Service Managers are there to help. Ditch the third-party printer and its timeline, EDGARize instantly, and file your report with one click.

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What forms do you file?

Wdesk supports many SEC filing types and supporting documents.
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File your S-1 the smart way.

Save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars by taking out the back-and-forth with a financial printer. Make edits at anytime without penalty, file on your own schedule, and boost productivity with all stakeholders.

Find out more about filing an IPO here.

Bring your support binders into the digital age.

Lose the manual, paper-based process—build and manage digital support binders in Wdesk instead. Improve your process from start to finish with a new suite of features including, attached documentation, markup, and auto-generated binders.

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