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Meet generative AI for assured, integrated reporting.

The world of artificial intelligence is moving fast. Get updates from Workiva on what’s happening with generative AI for financial reporting, audit, and ESG teams.

Meet generative AI for assured, integrated reporting.

Gen AI with your teams in mind

Explore the future of generative artificial intelligence for reporting and assurance—all conveniently built into the same secure platform finance, risk, and ESG teams use every day.

Secure and protected

Inputs and responses are encrypted in transit, aren’t used to train models, and aren’t stored beyond your chat session.

Focused on your workflow

Tap into gen AI without having to leave our platform, so you can focus without breaking your flow. Accelerate what you can do in a single day.

Tailored for your needs

The work you do is highly specialized, and you need AI that’s equally equipped. Over time, Workiva will further tailor our models specifically for reporting and assurance.

Want to get started with gen AI?

Now you can explore the future of generative artificial intelligence for reporting and assurance—all conveniently built into the same platform where you work every day.

Ready to try it out? Current customers can now request access.
Want to see the benefits of Workiva Gen AI in action?
Interested to learn more as gen AI advances?

Bust writer’s block

When you have the ideas but don’t know the right words to share them, ask our gen AI to get started quickly from scratch. Draft documents and get a head start to filling in your specific information.

Say it again, Sam

At your command, gen AI in the Workiva platform can rewrite, summarize, shorten, or expand something your team has drafted. When you find the right phrasing, simply click to flow it directly into your file.

Rev your research

You can ask the gen AI in the Workiva platform to help you brainstorm, research topics, or anticipate questions from leaders, the board, analysts, or investors. Spark new ideas and maintain focus all within the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

We built in security, transparency, control, and context to deliver a generative AI experience with the high degree of trust you expect from the Workiva platform. With Workiva Gen AI extensions, our offering goes beyond what you find in publicly available AI chatbots. Workiva Gen AI extensions will be tailored with Workiva’s proprietary data and expertise, so you get answers that are more relevant to accounting, finance, risk, audit, and ESG. And it’s all in our platform, so you don’t have to jump from one application to another to use it.

Yes! Your chats are not stored or publicly shared. Customer data and inputs to and outputs from Workiva Gen AI are not used to train the model or fed into the public domain. Your data stays yours.

Our focus is responsibly optimizing generative AI to augment what finance, accounting, audit, risk, and ESG professionals can do, not replace them. That means boosting productivity while maintaining strict data security and building gen AI in a way that requires human interaction.

If you are a current Workiva customer, you can click here to request access to Workiva Gen AI. We will follow up with additional instructions and to confirm your eligibility.*
Not currently a customer? Click here to request a demo to learn more about the Workiva platform and Workiva Gen AI.
*Workiva Gen AI is available to current Workiva customers in North America with a U.S. production environment who do not require bring your own key (BYOK) or FedRAMP compliance.

Workiva Gen AI is currently available only in English, and is only accessible to North American Workiva customers. As large language models (LLMs) become more widely available, Workiva will expand our gen AI offering in accordance with our strict data and security standards, along with local laws.

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