Sentieo’s AI-powered corporate research platform searches millions of financial documents to help external reporting teams quickly surface competitive insights and craft stronger disclosures.

Technology Partner

Sentieo’s corporate research platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to instantly surface textual and financial insights for a variety of uses, from investment management to corporate intelligence. By overlaying search, collaboration, and automation on key aspects of the research workflow, SEC and external reporting users can spend less time searching and more time analyzing.

Document search and management

Sentieo’s AI-powered research platform and document search solution offer a fast, powerful way to search through millions of SEC filings, transcripts, and presentations to illuminate what industry peers are disclosing and how. Sentieo uses advanced linguistic search algorithms and natural language processing to save preparers time and help SEC reporting teams find what others miss in disclosure narratives.

The fastest place to access and work with company-specific research and documents

Using Workiva and Sentieo, external reporting teams now have access to a massive, fully searchable database of millions of financial documents to save hundreds of hours and fuel SEC reporting teams’ disclosure narratives. The database includes:

  • All SEC filings
  • Transcripts of earnings calls
  • Investor presentations

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