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The office of accounting and finance is required to be nimble, accurate, and timely. Eliassen Group’s ability to analyze and report on results across all aspects of financial reporting and planning provides you with the information needed to manage your business with urgency and alignment to broader company goals. The partnership between Eliassen Group and Workiva provides a custom-tailored solution to help you tackle your most critical reporting needs. Bring important information to light, and streamline the delivery of valuable data to multiple stakeholders, with technology that brings control and transparency to the entire process.

Transform your reporting

Together, Eliassen Group and Workiva will help you identify opportunities in your reporting processes and help you transition from a highly manual, duplicative process to one that is automated, collaborative, auditable, and efficient. Eliassen Group and Workiva can help you transform your entire reporting ecosystem—from internal management reports to filings with the SEC—to add value, ensure accuracy, and save time and money.

Optimize your entire reporting ecosystem

Developing processes to improve efficiencies while maintaining accuracy is essential to staying competitive and meeting reporting and analysis requirements, both within the organization and externally. The Workiva platform connects structured and unstructured data—financial, operational, environmental, and beyond—all within a secure cloud environment. This enables users to improve the process of creating the critical reports required by leadership, regulatory bodies, the board, and shareholders.

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