Partner Program

Gain a competitive advantage. Partner with a market leader in finance, accounting, risk, and compliance solutions.

Program Details

The Workiva partner program is designed to help you give your clients the technology and guidance they need to meet the demands of a complex industry. Workiva partners see immediate benefits, such as increased awareness through cobranded marketing and more competitive bids on fixed-fee projects. Partners receive sales and marketing support, robust training, and certification programs to ensure success.


Alliance partners introduce Workiva to prospective clients that could benefit from the efficiency and control gained by using Wdesk. These partners establish expertise with Wdesk, develop methodologies driven by the platform, and offer Wdesk to their clients. Alliance partners may select from the three partner packages: entry, premier, and elite.

Integrated practice

Integrated practice partners refer prospective clients to Workiva and package Wdesk as a part of the services they provide to their clients. These partners establish expertise and develop methodologies within Wdesk, and include the platform as part of their service and implementation offerings. Integrated practice partners may select premier or elite packages.


Technology partners align complementary solutions with Wdesk to extend their ecosystems. Through platform and data connections, these partners create streamlined relationships that improve clients' experiences in both applications. These partnerships are developed individually to accommodate each partner's unique capabilities.


Reseller partners deliver the power of Wdesk to their clients, helping them implement the right solutions and business processes, based on domain expertise. Our reseller program offers Wdesk extensibility, certification, sales enablement, and co-marketing.

Our Partners

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