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Streamlining SEC Form N-4 and N-6

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Accurate data in every file
  • With access to a full audit history, the team can see when changes are made to a document, who made them, and what the previous revision said.
  • Instead of checking every email and saved copy of reports to find edits, employees feel assured that their files all contain the same information after a correction is made on a source document.
  • Rolling forward from year to year is simple with Wdesk.
  • Managing common language across documents is no longer an issue because information is linked.
Increased control
  • It's easier to manage the project and view progress being made when documents are accessible to whole teams and individuals.
  • Since the team no longer partners with a printer, it sets its own deadlines and controls the entire process.
  • Because documents are linked, employees no longer waste time making data corrections in individual report files. All deadlines are met.
  • The filing documents now stay in Wdesk, which helps the team maintain full control over the reporting process.
Better compliance
Collaboration made easy
  • The entire team can access and work from one document, which means no more searching across shared drives.
  • The risk of overwriting has been eliminated since only one user can have control of a section at a time.

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