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Templates and high-fidelity Excel® imports that include formulas and formatting make getting started a breeze. 



Connected sheets, shared datasets, new APIs, and connectors enable you to bring in data from anywhere.



New features like user presence and a powerful filtered view simplify collaboration.



Cell history, authorship, and overlays make it easy to see every change made to a spreadsheet.

More capable

Import Excel spreadsheets into the Workiva platform without losing formatting or formulas.

Import everything from Excel

Our new Excel importer is fast and accurate. You can bring in all of the formulas and formatting the platform supports, which makes it easy to move your work out of Excel.

Share best practices with templates

Create and share templates that include the formulas and formatting you use most. Never worry about fonts or colors again, with style guides that increase efficiency and consistency.

More formulas and flexibility

Spreadsheets now supports 30% more formulas than classic Workbooks, as well as cross-sheet formulas. Data validations also support cell ranges for increased flexibility.

Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Better connected

Connect to data across the platform

Use connected sheets to pull data from spreadsheets across workspaces and Wdata connectors to pull data from Wdata into your spreadsheets with a single click.

Share data with other teams

Published datasets in spreadsheets let you share data with other users across workspaces. Control updates to data until you're ready to share them. 

Connect to any system, anywhere

Use connected sheets with Wdata connectors or the spreadsheets API to connect to your systems of record, create powerful workflows, and automate your work. 

More collaborative

Use outline labels and user permissions to make collaboration easy and clear for the entire team.

Create and reuse advanced permissions

Increase control with granular advanced permissions. When you're ready to reuse your permissions, just copy and paste into another document to save time. 

Simplify sharing with filtered views

Use filtered views to create views of your data without impacting what others see. Every view includes a unique URL, which makes it easy to share.

Track progress

Create and customize outline labels in spreadsheets to keep track of status or see who's responsible for individual sheets.

More transparent

See who made what change and when with a full audit trail into all your numbers and narrative.

Audit trails for every cell

See who made any change, and follow the full history of every cell in your spreadsheet. Use formula properties to follow the formulas in every cell, just like properties in classic.

Visual reviews with overlays

Use overlays to see the formatting and settings of every cell in your spreadsheet. Toggle formula and link indicators in cells to simplify the view and focus on your data. 

Authorship beyond overlays

See who contributed to every revision and milestone of your spreadsheet, which helps you track every change down to the last minute.

Stay up to date

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