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Powerful new chart design and editing experience give you pixel-perfect control over every chart.



Templates and a new PowerPoint® importer make it easy to create killer presentations quickly.



Work better together with new outline labels and redesigned tasks, comments, and attachments.



A new review experience, attachments, and improved exporters simplify sharing content.

More visual

Present your data with beautiful, easy to build charts and graphs that update automatically.

Create beautiful charts, quickly

New default chart settings eliminate whitespace and increase the focus on your data, which means your teams spend less time manually updating charts and more time analyzing them.

Edit charts and data side by side

Open chart data in a new browser tab on a separate monitor or create a split view to see the changes update your charts in real time.

Control over every pixel

New chart properties give you control of over every pixel in and around your charts, including full control over legends, labels, fonts, fill area, and markers.

More intuitive

 Import PowerPoint presentations and start creating new presentations in the Workiva platform easily.

Make the move from PowerPoint

Our new PowerPoint importer is fast and accurate. Your team can easily move all of your presentations to our platform without missing a beat.

Share best practices with templates

Use overlays to see the formatting and settings of every cell in your spreadsheet. Toggle formula and link indicators in cells to simplify the view and focus on your data.

Organize your slides, quickly

Save time by copying and pasting slides between presentations, dragging and dropping slides to reorganize your outline, and hiding slides that you don’t want to present.

More collaborative

Comment directly in the Workiva platform to get feedback, ask questions, and track progress.

Save time in real time

Work together with your team in real time. See who’s in your presentation, what slide they’re on, and the changes they’re making without waiting on your team to share their changes.

See what's happening

Use outline labels—all new to Presentations—to keep track of progress, add transparency to reviews, and assign sections and slides to team members.

Centralize the conversation

New task and comment experiences make it easy to ask questions, get feedback, assign work, and manage your own work across presentations.

More shareable

Attach files to any presentation and export presentations to PDF or PPT format to share with teams outside the Workiva platform.

Simplify your reviews

A new review experience centralizes feedback and makes it easy to share a slide, a section, or an entire presentation with others in your organization.

Attach supporting files

Use attachments—another new feature—to include support for the numbers and narrative in your presentations and to share other files with your team.

Fast and accurate exports

New PDF and PowerPoint exporters are fast, accurate, and high fidelity—easily share presentations with teams who haven’t started using the Workiva platform.

PowerPoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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